Rest in peace Bruce Carter you were the best friend I ever had

I struggled through college making C's and D's and I was often glad to get them. You, on the other hand, seemed to make A's with no problems or even a great effort. We both graduated but you graduated Magna c** Laude in Actuary science. I graduated with a BS degree no honors at all.

Still, we were friends. You started a gun repair business on the side after you netted a high paying position with that insurance company. I'll never forget the day you field stripped that antique German Mauser broom handle automatic pistol with an ease that amazed anyone who was familiar with that weapon. Only real professionals were supposed to even touch that gun but you made it look easy and you did it without special tools and no training.

Time passes and you got sick. Real sick and while in the hospital you passed away. You held your wife's hand as your life left you.

I'll never get over that day. Neither will your wife. She never had your baby and its a crying shame. You left us twenty years ago and it still feels like it was last week.

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  • I was inconsolable when one of my closest college friends died in 2010, he was so full of life and I admired him. But his light went out and he died of pneumonia and I miss him

  • Huh huh you said c**

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