I watched an execution

I posted about a man in a park who raped and murdered a fifty-something-year-old woman in a park under aggravating circumstances.

Because of my job I had to watch him die by lethal injection.

He was led into the room and like the psychopathic murderer that he was, he came in unafraid and calm. The needles were inserted without incident and the poison was pumped into him.

He closed his eyes and started snoring and then quit. The whole procedure lasted about ninety seconds. He was pronounced dead and his mother who had not been allowed to view the execution was given his body.

No one felt sorry for him. Only his mother cared that such a horrible person was no longer a threat to society.

He was one of five sons born to his mother and every single one of them are serving life with no parole for crimes such as theft, assault and repeat robberies of banks and car theft. The executed son was the only murderer.

I'm glad she wasn't allowed at the execution. She had gone nuts when her son was sentenced to die ten years ago and the powers that be didn't want her to do the same thing while he was executed.

I'm not really sure why but I'm depressed right now. It's not because I saw him executed but because people like him exist n the first place.

The woman married a known criminal who is now dead and she should have known enough about genetics to know that having his children was risky. She had one son after another by him and each one was worse than the one before.

Dec 22, 2016

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  • That's because people don't think before they breed. Like dumb ugly dogs or stray cats in heat, all they care about is getting some-some. At least the dumb ugly dogs and stray cats give half a crap about their progeny, so they're not even as intelligent as animals who are too dumb to resist unhelpful instincts.

  • I'm happy being childless by choice. However, my genetics are good and not bad. No known criminals, in my family :-)

    Happy New Year!

  • Treat them rough you'll get your m***! I believe this is how there are so many s**** in the world. Its biology baby.

  • Exactly!!! Like I'm sorry but you are in poverty maybe because of the kind of s***** dude that you are attracted to. Why or why have multiple children by him??? Why the F would you do that? Same ones who beg for stuff on the Holidays or like this Hispanic couple on Facebook. I have some real nice sheets ..I was taking offers. They don't make offer...just say idk. They are your sheets...I don't know what to offer. NP you don't because you sit there with five kids and you think I should just give them to you. I finally say 15.00 for the two sets together. She says I get paid Friday. Friday comes...oh idk ..I don't have much much money. I saw what is your offer? She says nothing. Finally she says I can give you 5.00 for one set. She knows that's ridiculous. Whatever. If you don't have the money....font have #so many kids. Adoption/birth control!!!

  • You don't read so well, do you.

  • A mothers duty to love her children

  • It's also a mother's duty to raise them to be decent human beings. So what, exactly, is your stupid point?

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