Secrete in a rural town

There was an older woman who was caring for her invalid husband and her retarded son. She was receiving Medicaid money for the upkeep of her ailing crippled husband and her equally sick and ailing son.

One day she suddenly passed away and when her home was entered it was discovered that her husband had been dead for many years and that the government had been paying her to care for a corpse.

The mans body was kept in a deep freezer and was frozen solid. Her son is retarded and not legally responsible for his mother's theft of services.

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  • She was doing what she could in an impossible situation. People only pretend to care about defectos when they're small and cute, and the government makes it nearly impossible to get what little they grant you if you're taking care of an adult who will never get better. That's not even beginning to cover the mental, emotional, and physical costs of taking care of one person, let alone two, all by yourself.

    Be at peace now, lady. You did what you had to do in a terminally messed up world.

  • Wonder if mongo was s******* his mum?

  • Fair enough. She needed the money. Medicaid doesn't pay enough to look after a retarded son, so she did what she needed to do.

  • Ewwww! Secrete!?

  • Perhaps the freezer was starting to thaw out.

  • I secrete in my rural town a lot. Usually precum because I'm trying to stop j**********

  • Yuck

  • Such a sad, sad story. I hope the son gets some support and help and love.

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