My mothers cousins daughter had a baby by a married black man

I'm a white man living in rural Georgia and an obscure relative of mine lives a few doors down from me with her mother. She is the daughter of my mother's first cousin and she is an overweight unattractive natural freckled redhead.

For reasons of her own she got pregnant and had a baby by a married black guy whose family didn't recognise the baby. This, of course, means the child's mother's parents had to raise this little-mixed girl.

Time passes on and now the kids is a straight A student andis a beauty. She looks so much better than her mother that its hard to believe shes even related to her. Her mother never made better thanC the whole time she was in school.

How something so good could come from such an irresponsible act is beyond me.

I've bonded with the child and I plan to finance her education.

Dec 22, 2016

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  • Do you want a medal? Like seriously.

    Constantly pointing out race and saying stuff the way you do sounds obnoxious. So, you're doing a good thing...okay.

    From the way you've worded your post it sounds like you didn't think black people or mixed race people couldn't be smart until proven otherwise.

    Come on, are you still living in the middle ages?

  • THANK YOU. Racism may still unfortunately be a thing, but virtue signaling like this just adds to it instead of lessening it. Something SJWs need desperately to learn, and never will as long as they think they're right and everyone else is wrong.

  • As a black man,I don't meet many kind hearted white men,but I am happy to say that you are one of a few,especially in the south. May God Bless and replenish you abundantly, in every way possible ,as you embark on heping that young girl.

  • A number of children transcend the circumstances of their birth with some help, luck, and a lot of persistence. On the other hand, some have the best start in the world, born to rich, elite, educated Americans, and end up mediocrities living on trust funds if not drug addled wrecks. Kudos to you for helping this child. However it turns out, a child is always worth helping.

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