This may sound weird but never bury a loved one near a tree

My family is buried in an open field area of the cemetery and withing a short walk there is a large oak tree. My family graves are safe The roots are displacing the markers and no telling what damage they are doing to the vault and the coffin itself.

It may not matter to some people but I would prefer that my loved ones final resting place not be violated by some tree.

Dec 31, 2016

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  • The idea behind burial is that the nutrients in the body then return to the soil. It's human egotistical nature to stick the remains in a metal box which then goes into a concrete-lined hole in the ground, thinking that will "preserve" the loved one for some reason. Just another fine example of how the human race is incompatible with natural laws, all because we think we're soooo special!

  • You idiot. Don't worry on a hundred years if the human race is still around they will build a building over your very dead , decayed,rat food relatives

  • Insensitive ass!

  • Delicate petal! Shut up and learn how the world works.

  • The tree was there first fool! So why bury your family near it! It's not the tree's fault,"its yours!" I can understand your concerns, but remember don't deflect or make excuses, you're the one to blame!

  • As far as I'm concerned, the only acceptable form of "burial" is sky burial. Why would you ever put a loved one in the ground?

  • "Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust." and "Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return." So leave the trees alone to do nature's and God's work.

  • Coffins and vaults cost money so lets just not let the trees ruin the families expensive funeral arrangements.

  • Then don't BUY expensive funeral arrangements, dumbass! All that is is an opportunity for the funeral home to make a buck on your grief, and for your vanity. Neither are good reasons.

  • Why markers, instead of headstone's?

  • Some cemeteries require markers instead of headstones because it makes maintenance, ie. mowing, easier.

  • Thanks for that :-)

  • Oh lord, the neuroses know no boundaries...

  • Yes indeed, and think before you plant a tree next to a loved one's grave. It might end up doing damage decades later when you're no longer around to do anything abou it.

  • Think before burying a person, next to or below a tree, the tree was there first and has more rights!

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