My whamo boomerang disappeared but why?

I was throwing this excellent toy when it went into a tree that was planted over a filled in well where a cow had fallen in and drowned. By the time the cow has discovered it was dead and decaying. The dead cow was covered up instead of removed and a tree planted over the grave. It grew into a nice evergreen tree I saw it falling down and hit the ground.

I walked over to the tree and there was no sign of the toy. My boomerang had simply disappeared. I never saw it again.

I had an uneasy feeling come over me and even though it was a bright sunny day I thought I had observed something that should not have happened.

I told my cousin about this and she wanted to go looking for it. I would not let her.

Yes this is a weird story.

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  • Google translated this through a language or two before English.

  • Did the cow commit suicide?

  • No, it suffered a fatal injury from getting hit in the head by a boomerang

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