I caught my niece Katie pleasuring her brother.

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  • Katie stop abusing me. the only reason I don't make a big deal about your garbage is because I know its all lies so I got nothing to worry about. but all the same stop abusing me and get lost.

  • I want Katie send her to Colchester VT

  • Good for you Katie, you and your brother seem really close, whatever floats your boat

  • Will you and Chris travel if I pay for it

  • I'm a 16yo girl also named Katie and I started pleasuring my younger brother Chris when he was 10 and I was 12, it's been a lot of fun for both of us to explore each others body parts. We tongue kiss, he just started oral on me last Christmas, I love it and I showed him how to do it right and we love to 69. I've been on the pill for 2 years--so you know what that means, every position known to man, only one position works for both of us c****** at the same time so we do it doggy style my head on the floor-it makes me go wild. Chris doesn't shoot a lot right now but I love to swallow him. I have several friends that also pleasure their brothers, Lisa pleasures both of her brothers (neither one knows), one is older and shoots a lot, I'm supposed to sleep over Friday night and the plan is for me to sneak in Keith's room and go oral on him instead of Lisa, sooo excited can't wait.

  • You were too old at 12

  • How old was he when he started shooting, I'm 14 and still don't shoot

  • Chris was 13 and shooting, it tasted much better when he was younger

  • I've been doing both since then, 2 years now, she's 13 and he's 15, he's got a big c o c k and fills my mouth with a lot of c u m, I love filling Katie's mouth with my c u m. She's supposed to go on the pill this week and Chris and I will be able to fill her tight pink c u n t with our c u m--I'm first

  • Katie sounds like a hot little piece. You doing her?

  • I caught a pig pleasuring your mom and nine months later you were born.

  • This is wrong. So wrong.

  • On so many levels!

  • I think children playing inquisitive game is far more common than most people realize and after all its nothing new so why are people so shocked…

  • Not SHOCKED, more like "DISGUSTED!"
    Lol that said, "I've read more diabolical and grotesque things, on this website" :-)

  • Disturbing!

  • ^TOTALLY^!!!

  • How old r they?

  • If it's a genuine confession, THEIR age is irrelevant. What they're doing, is WRONG!

  • Not really .. could be some innocent fun

  • Lol innocent fun. It seems innocent enough, "A sister masterbating her brother" no, there's nothing disconcerting about that at all lol!

  • That's if it was m*********** and not oral

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