Nothing wrong with keeping it in the family

I'm a mom of 2 and don't feel ashamed for pleasuring my son,he was stressed out over school and i gave him a helping hand,he didn't complain about it and we get on even better now.



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  • Same with me and my son Tom. I had my son young I was 17. He was big for his age, at 13 he was almost 6 feet tall and so good looking. College age girls would come on to him.

    But I wanted to protect Tom. So one Friday night I just got in the shower with him, and said, Mommy is going to teach you about s** and making love.

    He froze when my mouth went on his c***. He was big there too, 8 inches. It gagged me but when he came I swallowed. That weekend he learned about s**. By Sunday night, he was very good, I will not lie, his c*** was bigger than his fathers. He made me c** every time.

    My son is 34 now, and we live like a couple. At 16, we were not careful after drinking a lot beers and I got pregnant. We kept the baby. He 17 and figured out we are mother and son.

    He wants to be with his father and me. We share our bed with him. He makes love to both of us.

  • Only way to make it hotter is to start before teens. No reason not to.

  • Nice fantasy

  • My hot older sister saw it as her job to let me do things to her, dress sexy and wear what I wanted her to, and have s** with me. We got along well to begin with and enjoyed each other, but, sexually, she was very open and free with me. I'd go to the state park with her when she went to lay out and tan, and she'd wear her tiniest, barely-there bikini that was kept in the drawer unless we were going to the park, she'd let me oil her body wherever I wanted to and for as long as I wanted to keep my hands on her body. Didn't care about us being in public, either. If someone she or we knew saw her letting me oil her up and steal feels and lip kissing, so be it. Whenever we'd have s**, it wasn't only great, but, there were times we didn't want to stop.

  • I remember my sister tanning in the skimpiest bikinis, think she liked turning me on. Had me help her put baby oil , lots of it on her back , legs and of course her sweet bubblu butt! She pulled her bottoms up into a wedgie and said to go slow and oil all of it..

  • Hot!

  • Needs to be legalized. it should almost be mandatory. parents depriving their children of sexual pleasure are the real abusers

  • One day when I was 14, before I'd ever actually had an o***** ever in my life I woke up from my first wet dream. C** had spurted right up onto my chest and my pyjama top was wet and sticky as well as my pyjama pants.

    My parents being like the perfect text book parents had awkwardly gone through a book about puberty with me and so being the naïve and obedient boy I told my mom about my wet dream.

    The next night when I went to get ready for bed, my mom came into my bedroom. I pulled the clean pyjamas out from under the pillow and there was a pair of plastic pants. Mom said to leave my undies on and put the plastic pants over them and then put my pyjama pants on. That they would contain the mess from any more wet dreams.

    I was embarrassed as you can imagine but did as I was told. I lay in bed running my hands over my bum feeling the plastic under my pyjama pants. I rolled over onto my tummy and began to hump. my erect p**** pushed out the top of my undies and slipped against the plastic and I exploded. Now my pants were full of c** and sticky. But I couldn't sleep but I didn't know what to do.

    Eventually I ended up in this routine where I would m********* during the night and in the morning have a shower and take off the plastic pants in the shower and rinse them off and hang them up in the shower to dry. During the day, mom would put them back under my pillow ready for the next night.

  • Lol stupid story

  • Why stupid. Seems nice to me.

  • My mom used to catch me masturbating all the time at first i was embarrassed and quickly stopped and covered up but one day finally decided to m********* in her presence. I went down to the kitchen and started masturbating she got really mad and pleaded with me to stop. After that she continued to walk in on me and pretend she did not know. It got to.the point i would continue masturbating knowing she was there. As long as i didnt look up she watched me. The only time i covered up.when i was.humping my.pillow while.watching p***. That was.too.embarrassing but.she knew i was humping because she would move my pillow and lean it against.the leg og my bed so it would dry.

    I often.while she is in the bathroom doing her makeup i will.come in naked and just.look.for lotion. I will apply it.allmover and.give my member a few rubs. As long as i only stroke myself five tidms she is ok with thst

  • You shouldn't be ashamed. My mum was like you and it's been very beneficial. Not really sure why this is considered unlawful.

  • How old are you and your son? I am sure you can teach him a lot about eroticism and sexual pleasure within the privacy of home. You are indeed a very understanding mom.

  • I think more mother's should consider being more sexual with their sons.

  • I also think moms should be exempted from age of consent laws. I think society has it backwards. It's abuse/neglect for mothers to NOT pleasure their little boys.

  • Agreed!

  • Yes definitely

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