I was walking alone on the beach a few years ago and ahead of me I saw a young girl run screaming from the water to her girl friend on the beach. As I got closer I realized she had been stung by a jellyfish. As I approached her, I saw she had tears in her eyes so I offered her an old home remedy for the stinging and she agreed. I took her behind the dunes and urinated on her calf where she was stung. To my surprise she didn't turn her head away but only stared as I drained my bladder on her. I don't know how old she was but she was very attractive in her skimpy two piece bathing suit sitting in the sand with her legs splayed. As I p***** on her, my stream made it's way slowly up her thigh and I was getting harder at the idea of peeing on this teenage girl who was looking up at me with wide eyes the entire time. When I was done I had a massive chub going and I shook it few times to get the drips off and she giggled at this. I put it away with some difficulty and zipped up and she told me the burning had gone away. I sometimes wish I had tried more with her but I'm not sure if it would have gotten me into trouble. To this day I think about that moment of urinating on a barely dressed cute young girl and I always get hard and I always get off on the thought of what else could have happened.

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  • When we were kids we used to vist a friend of my mothers and that person was a dress maker. We would have to strip to our undies and have dresses that she was working on put on us. Not always the same one of us. It depended what jobs she had on and which of us was closest in size to her customer. The dresses were taken on and off and we would just have to stand there in our undies. I'm a man and I had a sister. Sometimes it was my mother in her undies. No one seemed to be shy but I was so so selfconscious but just had to stand there.

  • Hahaha who the heck lets a strange made pee on them behind a sand dune??!

  • This is a made up story of some voyeur. This may work but rubbing alcohol is better by far.

  • Years ago when I was in my 20's (in my 50's now) I was a tech hand / rodie at a theatre. A production involving a sort of arabian dancer girl was being rehearsed. The scene was that the girl was carried in by a "slave" with the girl lying horizonal on her back and arms above her head like an upside down plank. She was to be held balanced by the slave man with one hand on her bum and his shoulder if that makes any sense at all. Anyway they were short a male slave and I was tall and strong and had abs in those days and so they talked me into the role. No speaking thank god. It was very important to lift the girl the right way. This necessitated me putting my hand between her legs and lifting her to my shoulder and leaning her backward. Totally freaked me out. You would think any red blooded young man would jump at such an opportunity. But I was fearful of it. There was all this concern that I was not confident and would drop her and hurt her.

    She then turned up in this shiney black boy leg one piece leotard and told me to run my hands all over her body. Over her b**** front back bum between her legs. She just stood there with a couple of the other dancers watching and talked me into doing this. I was like totally shocked. She was so matter of fact about it. She told me to run my hand back and forth between her legs.

    Then said OK now you've gotten that out of your system, lift me up with confidence. So we practiced that.

    An amazing memory and one I wished I could do again. But will have to just remain a memory.

  • Great story, great perspective, and very interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Thanks. To this I wonder what would have happened if I'd had more confidence. If I'd asked if all the girl dancers watching if I could touch them up too. Maybe if I'd asked her again. I dunno. I think she would have just rolled her eyes and said something like 'men' get over it. It was so matter o fact. Weird and weirdly erotic.

  • FAKE AF.

  • Wow, that's odd, but it sounds like you helped ?!?

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