I want to be bred

I am 40 year old female and I consider myself to be attractive and athletic. I am 40 years old, financially secure, emotionally secure, and highly educated (multiple master degrees).All i want in life is to bear my own children. I want nothing more then to have children of my own. I have spoke to a reproduction specialist and i am still very fertile, but my clock is ticking. I would like to have two children and I would not want one single dime from you. I just want you to breed me two children. Serious inquiries only. Please leave any information if you are serious and we can communication some way or another.

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  • If still looking send me some info. to avezat69@yahoo.com ... Catch you later

  • Are you still looking? If do i would love to breed you. Email me back Zombiehunter33@aol.com

  • I am a teacher with multiple degrees, with grown children. my email firedraco6@gmail.com

  • I'd f*** you

  • I'd f*** you and make you pregant

  • Dont trust her she is a liar

  • I'm very well educated and a professional. I'd love to breed you couple of children and we can get started immediately if you will write to me and we can arrange for you to visit or relocate to my area. In fact, if you're willing to consider helping me start a polygamous family with you as the elder sister, we could put together a very warm and loving home. I know you've probably never given this idea much thought, but I would like to discuss it with you and explain my views. I won't waste your time but I am suggesting this because I believe it can lead to a better kind of life in the 21st Century. You would have full control at all times and I would never open our life to anyone but the best and most upstanding women. We would not be building a harem for me but rather a strong family relationship with women who could and would be ready to step in and educate our children and see them through to adulthood, as productive citizens and future leaders of a world that will be increasingly challenging and uncertain.

  • Bet your a fat ugly lesbian

  • Wow Tami you are interesting

  • I would have made pregant you silly woman. Laurence

  • Let's see if I got this right. You are an attractive woman, you have multiple master degrees and yet you have not found a decent person to give you kids. You want your kinds fathered from someone that you don't even know: someone who may not have intellect at all, or may have health issues or may be just a delinquent. "Multiple master degrees".....Yeah right. Are you sure you are not just hunting for some idiot to get you pregnant, and give you child support?????????????

  • Dear Anonymous:
    I know it maybe hard for you to fathem that a woman doesnt need a man to financial support her endeavors. I for one would not make such a decision lightly and would like to take time to make sure health issues, etc are made aware of. I am not the type of shallow gold digging type of woman. Perhaps you should be a little more open minded to women and their personal endeavors rather then thinking their is a conspiracy involved.

    Me the Author

  • Hi! im from chicago , im goog looking i dont have no kids of my own. let me know if you want a e-mail.

  • I want to be bred to well hung black bull

  • I really love a woman who knows what she wants and who goes out and gets it. Bravo!! My girlfriend is so weak and submissive that it's really refreshing to find a woman who is in control and can express her thoughts in a direct and forceful way.

  • you really do sound so sexy. and so grounded at the same time, a very rare combination. wish you lived closer. would love to have children with you. LOVE IT.

  • God, the way you captioned your post, and the things you said, make you seem so totally sexy. You are really just.....WOW!

  • Thank you very much for your kind words. Im officially blushing.

  • You're very, very, VERY welcome! Seriously, among the other thoughts that enter my mind whenever I read your posts (and I've read them all, several times) is how it would feel to meet and get involved with an intelligent, self-actualize and independent woman like you, and then, after a loooooong period of kissing, nakedness, caressing and foreplay, as I begin to enter her, have her lean into me and whisper in my ear, "I want to be bred", just exactly like you did, in a calm, matter-of-fact way that implies that's precisely what's about to happen between us. That's a thing of indescribable beauty, and a thing of intense sensuality, and a thing of overwhelming sexuality. "I want to be bred": Christ, how I love those words from you. Amazing.

  • I'm in my 40s and have multiple masters degrees too and would like to father your kids if you are into black guys.I have healthy children.Whats your email?Best of luck.

  • I was going to write you and ask to develop a relationship with you and then raise a family together. You sound so eager and so wonderful, and I think you'll be a great wife and mother. I realize, naturally, that you aren't looking for a husband, but perhaps you would have considered it. But now, I'm obviously S.O.L., because there is no way -- NO WAY -- that I can possibly compete with a black man with a black d***. He can give you everything you need or want or ask for, now or in the future. I can't compete with that. Good luck to you.

  • How can I contact you?

  • This is all so stupid , there are millions of men who would f*** your brains out, what about genetics of your child . Sperm doners are cheap and you get a complete background history , clinics are cheap , anyone on earth will s**** your brains out

  • Hey I would be really happy to help you. I dint live very far away.

  • Where are you?

  • You sound very nice, pitty we are on different continents, I'd love to assist you getting pregnant. I'm also erudite

  • I'm furtile and have three grown up boys, who have their own children. There is no history of any genetic illnesses.
    What do you look like?
    How do you plan to be inseminated,intercourse or some other method?
    Laurence x

  • Surely a young attractive woman like you would have many admirers who would love to inseminate you. Laurence x

  • Thank you for your kind words. What country are you in?

  • England/Birmingham I'm 50 and my names Laurence

  • You say you have heard of a sperm bank and know that its $800 a vial, surely you can afford that, or is there nothing like doing it the natural way ?? ...good luck I'm sure some guy will c** along x

  • Yeh I want a c*** to spurt it up my c*** but I'm so fat and ugly no one will f*** me, my t*** are saggy and my c*** is hairy and smelly

  • You are sadly mistaken, but as an educated woman--I will not stoop to your level of degrading, spiteful comments to people you dont know anything about. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  • You've heard of a sperm bank, right?

  • Yes. $800 per vial!!!

  • I'm located in Phoenix, AZ!

  • Pity I'm in the UK/England Mark x

  • I could w*** in a jar and send the s**** to you?

  • Well, I will keep that in mind. A friend and I are thinking about doing Europe this summer :o)

  • Vailjohnat ya hoo
    no history of cancer

  • I'm in Phoenix. How about you?

  • Where are you located?

  • I'd be happy to assist you

  • Where are u located?

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