Unforgiving cold world the world is a cold and unforgiving for pl

The world place for people like me. When I was young I made it horrible mistake and I will live with it for the rest of my life if this world will never let it go it will constantly hold it over my head reminding me no matter what that I am the scum of the earth that I will never be anything more than the crap that is on the ground beneath your shoe. I wear the new Scarlet Letter I am forever labeled everyday I leave my home I fear that my neighbors might kill me so I kiss my children and my wife goodbye and pray that my children never find out my past.

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  • The world itself isn't unforgiving, it's some collective groups and ignorant individuals, who are. It's a shame really, that some collective minority groups and those with a specific religion, are stereotyped, prejudiced and targeted because of a few people that carried out heinous crimes. Everyone should realise regardless of what race and religious beliefs a person has, they're individuals before that, a human being and not everyone has a good heart or are good people. Base judgements on individuality, individual actions, not on people who misrepresent and misinterpret specific religions to accommodate their evil agendas and so forth.

    Unfortunately, there's always going to be prejudiced people in the world, no one can eradicate that disease. No one can eradicate ignorance. But fortunately for the world, there are good people too.

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