Some girls can hit really hard

I've been in plenty of fights but I've never been hurt until I was kneed in the junk by a girl. She put me in the hospital.

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  • Did you learn?

  • Y'all should have pressed charges - I know I would have, no more girls getting away with s***

  • When I was 16, some girl two years younger than me punched me in the stomach so hard I doubled over, fell to the ground and (embarrassingly) couldn't keep from crying.

  • I took a swift foot in the junk as a kid, when I was being an a-hole to a girl at school. I swear it must have lifted me three feet off of the ground. I changed my ways after that episode.

  • Any amount of power used to hurt your junk, would be painful. Regardless, if the gender of the person doing that to you. If you stated, "I got punched by a girl and it hurt like, getting punched by a guy" that's a different perspective.

  • When I was thirteen I was standing in line waiting for the school bus this older girl thought it was ok to ram me out of line. She reared back and tried to butt me out. Well after her third try I Charley Horsed her sorry ass which must have hurt her like H***. She recovered and I got hit five times about the head.

    Someone let her up in line and I kept my place.

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