my life

i was sexually abused by an aunt.
i was physically abused by my father.
i was physically sexually and mentally abused by my first real love.
i lost my virginity to a rapist.
i think i'm meant to be abused.
i secretly have s** with my best friend. we are both girls.
I have a boyfriend who's 19 and he thinks i'm in love with him because i tell him it all the time. and he asked me to marry him.
but now he's restationed 1500 miles away and i'm messing around with another guy while i may be pregnant by my boyfriend.
i'm a s** addict. everyone i see i think about me in bed with them.
i dont know what's wrong with me.
when i have "fun" with someone i always leave the lights off because the entire time its happening... i cry.
i'm 16.

i need help but my parents don't know any of this.

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  • Damn it. Why aren't you my stepdaughter. I would love you and care for you and treat you like a little princess. I would buy you all kinds of nice clothes. Damn I would take such good care of you and have so much fun with you.

  • You need to get help. There are therapists who will listen. You don't have to be alone, you don't have to keep repeating the pattern. It's hard, but you can do something about it.

    And molestation DOES NOT lead to homosexuality. The a****** above can go f*** himself. You may be lesbian, or bi, or straight. It's ok to be any of those. The important thing is that you are happy.

  • You really need to speak to someonee, try talking to your parents, or maybe it would be wise for you to speak to a therapist. It seems what happened in your past has greatly affected you now. You need to speak to someone you trust.

  • Molesting leads to homosexuality. You have proven it. You are like every other lesbian now. You have a support group. Start going to gay parades.

  • Get a dog if you just want good s** w/o all the other problems like getting pregnant and a****** men.


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