Force Bred Fetish - Fantasy

have read many a fantasy, googled many a fetish site on impregnation, forced, bred etc... trying to find a fantasy similar to the one I have had for a long time. None coming close to mine. I thought a great way to get this off my chest was to share with this great community of open minded people so here it goes...

My wife and I have been married for about 15 years. We are both active and super friendly people. While we are both somewhat conservative and a bit uncomfortable about sharing our desires I have had this fantasy, some may call it a fetish, that I find super erotic. There are many variations of it, me watching, participating or just her off on a girls ski trip, but I picture my normally conservative wife out with friends at a club, I am home after coaching our kids practices. She is enjoying several cocktails, the group goes out and she being a bit far from home meets up with the guy that is of her type; athletic, wealthy and confident as well as well dressed. He is in fact someone that lives not that far from us and has gone through a divorce, I never really liked him but somewhat admired him. My wife being comfortable with him and he buys her drinks, they dance, and flirt a little.

As the night goes on the sparks and butterflies are flying... they slow dance and he gives her a light kiss. Being nervous she turns her head away, he orders more drinks and they head back to the table with the others with his friends. Later they dance a bit more and start flirting a bit more. At the end of the night they head back with the others to a friend's house for drinks. At the house they start flirting a bit more, somewhat hidden from the others so the word will not get back home. He then offers for her to come over to his house to see the new addition and pictures of their new house in Spain. She agrees. As they go to his house, he pulls out some champagne and they begin to chat, they then start slowing kissing. She backs off..."I Am married..." he smiles and agrees... yes this is wrong but keeps trying to romantically kiss her. Finally a song comes on the Ipod and they dance he kisses her again on the neck and she feels his c*** getting harder as he presses against her.

He kisses her neck and she is aroused and slowly takes her hand and puts it on his crotch. She feels his manhood, slightly stroking it through his pants, his hands caress her b****** through her cocktail dress (she is blond, nice chest, and in good shape) he kisses her down her throat and uncovers her b****** and sucks on each nipple. She grabs his c*** and tries to open his pants. Finally he undoes his belt and zipper and pushes her head down to see his hardened c***. From here he massages her crotch through her panties, she steps away and he stops. He sits down on the edge of his sofa, they talk about marriages and he tells her..."your husband has been on business trips, do you think he has been faithful?"... he goes back to kissing her b******... she again grabs his c*** and starts stroking it. He guides her mouth toward it and she, not a fan of blow jobs, starts sucking, licking and stroking like never before.

He undoes his short and pulls down her cocktail dress exposing her panties and pulls off her bra. He stands before her now, naked. He pushes her back on the bed and takes off her panties, at that time she says"no, we cannot do this...". He continues and asks... "do you want me to stop?" She responds "you should but...". He continues, then licks her v***** slowly driving her crazy. She reaches for his c*** and he stands before her and massages her v***** with his c*** not entering but teasing. He then asks... "do you want it...?" She says.." yes... yes...". He then pushes and enters her, thrusting, both making noises never heard before... he lifts her legs and f**** her hard... he begins to pull out and she says.."put a condom on"... he starts teasing her again and again with his c*** entering and pulling out.

She says.."please stop I cannot, I am married... " He pushes his c*** into her again... she o****** like never before. As he is thrusting she says..."do not c** in me... please do not... what will my husband think and your Ex.. what will she ... " He continues pushing... "Don't c** in me...please do not..." and he continues. She o****** again... he then says... "I want to f*** you harder and I want to c** in you." She says... "no please don't..." and he continues. As they come near climax she says..."pull out and spray it on me..." and he continues... as he is about to pull out she demands..."f*** me, c** inside me... fill me with your seed, put a baby in me..." and he does ...pumping loads of sperm in her.

Afterwards they dress and she comes home, shame but something is not right.

Has anyone similar fantasies? fetish?

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  • I am,the one who c*** in her locally here.

  • OMG...I think of pregnancy risk s** all the time. My wife is not on birth control and the thought of her being with a guy, like the story above, and him not putting a condom on, him not pulling out as she chants in his hear "please, please pull out" OMG...I would live for that moment.

  • Ironically VERY erotic and hot.

  • So you are ok if your wife cheats on you??!

    What a weird fetish.

  • It isn't about cheating, it is the thought that someone could/would seduce my wife and hearing (from her) how he snuck up on her...wooed her, and how he came inside her in one moment of l***. Damn this kind of story gets me hard every time!!!

  • Not about cheating... it is about her exploring her sexuality in my mind. I have some friends in the LifeStyle... I do not get jealous per say but find it very erotic to think such.

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