F---ing little perv

My mom, her husband of two years and her husbands son stayed at my place last night, I am married with two kids and my moms "Stepson" is lucky my husband was on night shift and I have had time to calm down or I would tell him and let him beat the little puke to a pulp.
I sleep naked but I sleep with my door closed when we have company, I woke up this morning and the little f***** was standing beside my bed jerking off, Yeah ok, I was 16 once too and maybe he has never seen a v***** or b**** before but that is WAY over the line.
This afternoon i'll have a chance to talk to him and straighten him out.

Jan 7, 2017

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  • In your dreams girl. You absolutely need counseling or this story is bogus.

  • Sounds like this kid has mental problems. You should talk to your mom and step dad about it.

  • Grow the f*** up your an adult

  • Boys need to supervised to prevent evil masturbation self abuse.

  • There is nothing wrong with masturbation, there is however something seriously wrong with going into someone's bedroom and masturbating while watching them sleep. That is f****** creepy!!

  • He's old enough for a shiiitkicking.

  • 16? wtf? It would be one thing if he was 11 or 12 and you woke to him looking at you while you were naked , but 16 and he is standing there masturbating ! He needs his ass whipped over that one. What is he even doing coming into your bedroom while you are a sleep? That is really creepy , this kid is going to grow up to be a serial rapist, not normal at all!

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