My Wife's Revenge

I had confessed to my wife that while at a friends batchelor party, I received a b******* from one of the strippers at the party.
She was beyond p***** at me and told me she would make sure to pay me back one day special.
It was about two weeks afterward when she texted she would be a little late, going to happy hour with the girls.
She woke me when she got home wanting to tell me all about her night. She told me they had dinner and drinks and sang karaoke. She told her friends what I had done, and one of them knew how to make it right. Her girlfriend called one of her f*** buddies, that she said had a huge c***. My wife told me she stopped over to his apartment and she sucked his c***. I was a little shocked, but knew I couldn't be mad. But I didn't think listening to her give me all the dirty details that my d*** would get rock hard. She noticed my c*** and could not believe I was getting excited hearing that she had just sucked this guys c*** and that it was way bigger than mine. I Can't explain why. But hearing her tell me about how much bigger he was and that she liked sucking that monster has become my only thoughts.

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  • I had a married co-worker that started coming on to me. She made it clear that she has no gag reflex and loves a***. When I asked about her husband she informed me that this is her form of revenge on her husband. Whenever he is an a****** to her, she cheats on him to feel even.

    I had no desire to cheat on my wife so when I got home I told my wife the whole thing. My wife shocked me by getting hot, bothered and insisting I take my co-worker up on the offer. My wife even offered to go visiting so I'd have the house for the affair.

    My wife made it clear that she can't deep throat and HATES a***. I had been bugging my wife to try it with me. I was to do that all I wanted with my co-worker and to stop trying to get my wife to do that anymore.

    It was weeks later that both my wife and co-worker got their wish and I had my first permissive affair. I felt really guilty about it until I got to know my co-worker's husband. He really IS an A-hole!

  • Lots of guys get turned on by their wife having s** with other men. I'd get a h****** too if my wife described sucking some guy's c***.

  • I agree. It's not something I focused on before. But now has blown me away thinking about and talking about making it happen again. It was hard to admit to her that I would like her to do it again

  • On my wife's bachelorette party they went on a trip to Vegas. She didn't tell me the details when she got back and just said they had a lot of fun. At our wedding I overheard her friend drunkenly telling someone about the bachelorette party. They spent the whole time finding guys to f*** my soon to be wife. It ended with them watching as 10 black guys g********* her in their hotel suite. She said that she f***** at least 30 guys in the 4 days they were there.

  • What kind of details did she tell you ? How big was this guy? Would love to hear what she told you with more details. Sounds like both of y'all had fun.

  • She told me he answered the door in a towel. He had just showered expecting her arrival. He walked her to the bedroom and asked where she would like him. She got in her knees and pulled off his towel. She told me his c*** wasn't even fully hard and was already twice as big as mine. She told me he guided his c*** to her mouth and held on to her face and pumped. He told her to relax and enjoy sucking his c***, so she could be sure to even up the score. She told me when his c*** was hard it was th iker than a red bull can and had a head the size of a plum. He enjoyed talking dirty to her while f****** her face. He liked that she was married and going home to tell me what she did. He held the back of her head and pumped his in his thick load for her to swallow. He extended a open invitation to her if she ever wanted to visit again. Man I hope so.

  • The next step my friend is the one that counts;tell her you want to watch as she gets f***** by a big young c***;don't participate just watch as it stretches her tight p**** and hear her whimper and squeal as she's penetrated nice and deep, see the look of sheer l*** in her eyes as she devours his c*** every inch going oh so deep,once he's finished and gone and your c*** is so damn hard and twitching like crazy go over and see to her, my Mrs loves this big time we do it at least twice a year now for last 15 years

  • Ha, she already f***** the other guy. When a women gets "even" she doesn't just get even, she gets revenge. I guarantee you she didn't stop at a BJ. She f****** rode that guy to the big O.

  • I went down on her and could tell she hadn't. I have been with a girlfriend that was fresh f***** by a guy with a big c***. Easy to tell. But hope that will be happening.

  • I love going down on my wife after she has been with other men. She goes out pretty often and comes back home with a p**** full of c**. Sometimes from more than one guy, those are the best

  • I would enjoy any real start if it were to go that way. She admitted enjoying the feeling of his c*** and that my not getting angry excited her. She said she felt in control and powerful. I am hoping that's a step towards her possibly seeing him again. But with permission and encouragement

  • Would you like for her to start regularly ducking other guys? A gentle push and the right experience and she may become just the s*** you want her to be

  • I have thought about that many times after parties when guys were checking her out and watching dirty movies when she likes a guys package. I never thought she would even do something like that. However I just couldn't hide that it really turned me on. I could picture everything she was saying and it made my c*** rock hard. So yea I would love if she wanted to go finish the job

  • My wife is really into it and loves getting f***** by other men. I am hard the entire time while I wait at home for her to get back from being f*****. I love the feeling of her stretched c** filled p****

  • I like the thought of sending her over to this studs apartment again with encouragement to service him how she wants. I know he would be the biggest by far she has ever had. She said he was so thick her fingers were far from touching. I'm her words more than twice my thickness. I know if she decides to that I may create a monster. Or at least I hope so

  • That will definitely be the start of it. One of my wife's regular is an absolutely huge black guy. He is easily twice my size and more than twice as thick. She is so loose when she gets back from being with him. Would you want her to be shared with more than one guy?

  • I am not opposed if she is willing. Her friend that set her up with him has had a couple like him. So she is getting the othe side imput, that hopefully helps. I am just hopeful for the first.

  • It really sounds like she just needs to be pushed to go all the way through with the first one and she will embrace it. It will be hard to turn down more c**** after the first one

  • I can only hope so. It hasn't been that long. But it's been all I can think about. Been stroaking myself couple times a day thinking of what she looked like at his apartment on her knees. Amazing.

  • Hi. Thanks for the reply. She suprised her quite a bit when she realized that it was turning me on hearing her tell me confidently how she loved sucking that c*** and she even thought about letting him f*** her. But she figured eye for an eye. She asked if I actually liked that she sucked this guys c***. It was hard to admit. But I told her that it was actually turning me on. She hasn't brought it up again. But I am really hoping she may talk about it again soon.

  • My wife punished me after she found out I'd f***** her niece. She went out with a friend from work and I wasn't too bothered as she'd been out many times before with her. It got to around 12 midnight and she hadn't returned home, so I decided to phone her, her phone rang for ages it being answered, but it wasn't my wife who answered it, it was her friend. I asked if I could speak to Jane my wife and her friend hesitated, then giggled..''Mmm, she's abit busy at the moment'', then giggled again. I could hear moans in the back ground and asked her friend what she was doing. I heard my wife shout out ''Tell him'', 'Are you sure''? her friend asked....'' yes tell him. Her friend giggle, ''well at the moment she's being f***** in both holes, by two lovely young big c****'' then laughed. I was just about to reply, when her friend said ''Oohh got to go will contact you again soon an hung up.I had a mixed feelings, one of anger and one of excitement , my c*** was even getting hard. I waited around 5 minutes, then my phone went, I opened it and I had a 'WhatsApp'' message, when I opened the message it was a video of my wife, a guy laying under her with his large c*** deep in her p****, f****** her hard and the other guy behind with his c*** deep in her arsehole, her friend was urging the guys on, then it stopped. My c*** was so stiff , I undid my trousers got it out and began wanking. My phone went again, another WhatsApp, I opened it and it showed my wife smiling at the camera with a c*** each side of her face, she was wanking them and flicking her tongue over their c*** heads. Just then I heard one guy let out a low moan as his c*** shot out a huge load of s**** all over my wifes face, then the other guy shot his load, my wifes face was soaked in thick s****, she licked her lips, then laughed before grinning and saying ''Mmmmmmmm, lovely'' I heard her friend laugh before the video ended.
    I shot my load everywhere. My wife still f**** other guys, but I watch now.

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