I need some advice.

So first off I'm 17 and I'm a bit of a hoe. So about 7 months ago I met this really great guy we will call him billy. Billy is amazing. But billy has a gf. So about 2 months after we met I told him how I felt just so it wasn't bottled, I knew that he had a gf and I was okay with that because I'm not into relationships a whole lot. Well I guess he told someone and rumors flew around and he and I got into an argument about how I didn't want his gf hating me. We made up and decided to be friends because not long after he said he has feelings for me. So today I went and got baked with him like I do sometimes but he seemed off and we got to talking and he was telling me how his gf and him (same gf, they've been together for a year). An he's telling me how lonely he is because they don't do stuff. We end that convo and he wants to show me this trick and stuff but it involves putting your lips in the other persons like a kiss. So at about the 2nd one we start making out. He is squizzing my t*** under my surf and Ive moved into his lap and I'm like dry on cloth f****** him. I'm about to suck his d*** when I like freeze up because this is wrong and I know it is. My last boyfriend cheated on me and I was heartbroken and hated myself so i started thinking about what his gf would feel like if she was to find out so I stoped it and said I needed to go and now he's texting me like it's okay and how it felt right... I feel like a piece of s*** because kissing him has never been my intention yeah I like him but he has a gf and I respect that.... what do I do please I really need help

Jan 9, 2017

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  • You're a dirty old man, with a small phalli's, that wishes he was a young girl with a v*****.

    Go w*** yourself off somewhere else, with your fictitious s****!

  • You need to stand by your convictions. Tell him, for as long as he has a gf, nothing will happen between you two. And even if you tell him this, he may still call and text you and say a lot of things to get down your pants.

  • Sure you're

  • I always wanted to watch my wife getting f***** by strangers,, so I took her to the bar, and when I told her the reason that I had brought her to this bikers club house, she asked what was on My mind, I grabbed her arm and took her to the men's bathroom, she looked at me and I set her up on the counter next to the sink, every guy that came in to the bath room f***** her as I watched it turned me one after another

  • Sure you did.

    I'm not attracted to men, only to women. I'd f*** them anytime, by tribbibg the h*** out of them! No I wouldn't like a man to join or watch, I hate phalluses!

  • Awesome

  • Fake

  • Find your own boyfriend

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