Living with motherinlaw

My wife did not like me in panties she is out of town a lot for work left me with my mother-in-law a lot a very good looking 60 yeah old woman have not had a man for 15 years we fleart all the time she leaves her panties on the bathroom hamper she only has vanity fair silk panties silk gusset we was talking one night it slipped out I think her p**** taste better than her daughter s she asked me how I no what her p**** tasted like I told her that I put on my silk yellow panties and suck on your gusset panties she asked me if I wear panties yes told her that her daughter won't let me wear panties for her she doesn't like it told motherinlaw I have my own panties she wants me to show them to her we go to the bathroom I pulled out my stash of silk panties picking out my pink panties out asking if I ask you to put on the panties of my choice that I can pick out some of hers she will put them on for me OK I strip off everything and slid in my panties to her she's got some very sexy panties looking down at all her panties I tell her how I've wanted to let a woman see me in my silk panties picking out a pink pair for her she slips her on I tell her how sexy she looks with the panties on she grabbed my c*** she pulled me to her bed she sits down I'm standing in front of her she puts my panties c*** in her mouth I soot my come off telling her I wet my panties in her mouth just saying that makes me hard she pulled off my panties told me that she was keeping them pulling out one of her silk yellow panties told me to put them on so silk panties felt so good she starts rubbing her pink silk panties on her p**** telling me how h**** she was that she never sucked a c*** in panties before she's so wet I see her shaved p**** I started licking her panties c******* I ask her if I can show her how I suck her come from here panties I slid my tongue around here silk pink panties p**** telling me how good it feels that she thought she would never find anyone to do it for her she tells me that she pays a girl to do it for her and it's not the same she started to F*** my face asking me if I like sucking her come from her panties I let her watch me play with my c*** in my panties licking her and play with my panties c*** wanted this my hole life she said I looked so beautiful I tell her I wanted to rub my panties c*** on her panties p**** Wow what a turn on for us I tell her how I want to put my panties c*** in her p**** she saids her panties to the side putting my yellow pantied c*** in her p**** felt so good seeing me do that makes her come fast telling me that she has not had a c*** in her p**** for so long 60 years old she was so tite she wet my panties I told her how she wet my panties how h**** it makes me I started talking about how much Iv want to have someone I can put on my silk panties on all the time for before she could say anything I started f****** her hard all night we put panties on each other and then play with each other..... Let me know if you want to hear the rest She has passed away and looking for a woman who is interested contact me at ladies only please

Jan 10, 2017

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  • I like sniffing licking wearing panties and the scent . taste.momspantysniffer

  • I read the title of your confession and bypassed the rest. I thought to myself, here we go again. Another sick idiot with fictitious, fantasised, babble! Yeah yeah, you'd love to be married and have a sexy m-i-law to s***, whilst your imaginary wife is out of town. Am I correct lol? Don't answer that, I know I am!

    I'd rather trib a female, than s*** a guy. Guess what, that was my fantasy and it became a reality, which is more accurate than your s***!

  • Women like men to be men. If you put on panties they think you are weird.

    Which you are.

  • Not all women, like men you fool! And every female is different, so stop assuming s***!

  • Some women like knowing that their sons.son inlaw.father inlaw. Their father are sniffing licking their panties I know I do..turns me on knowing they Love tasting and sniffing my slit from the crotch of my panties...a mom who cares

  • I also love to sniff and lick my own Mums dirty panties. I would love my Mum to catch me masturbating while sniffing her sexy dirty panties then force me on my back and straddle my face and rub herself off making herself c** all over my face and slipping my nose right inside her mature wet v*****.

  • I know my sons my son in law my father husbands friends sniff and j*** with my panties my p usy must smell taste good because they all return to my hamper for more sometimes I just leave them on top of the hamper so they can see the crotch..a mother who cares

  • Ohh here we go again

  • My thoughts as well

  • Fake af

  • I second that

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