Feminine boys name

My wife and I are having a baby boy. We would like to give him a girls name. Like a name that can be either boys or girls name. Suggestions please.

Jan 11, 2017

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  • So you want to inject misery into his life on purpose? Got it....please castrate yourself.

  • Kimberly, call him Kimberly.

  • I dress my 7yo son in girls clothing. Mostly just short girls shorts. And girls tee shirts. I'd love for him to wear dresses but he refuses so they just hang unworn in his wardrobe.

  • I dress mine too.....got him into panties at 6 now that's all he wears. Also girls Tshirts. Like you, still trying for the dresses as he's so girlish looking and would look adorable in them.
    I love those cute fancy party dresses, with mary janes of course!

  • Sicko

  • Yes 'till they reach puberty they can look really cute in girls clothes. Like you I especially like my son in tight short shorts.

  • You are mentally abusing this boy and he should be removed from you.

  • Idiot

  • Look up unisex names online.

  • Good advice:)

  • Lee, Drew, Alex, Jamie, Robin, Stacy, Morgan, Francis, Carmen, Parker, Skylar, Riley, Jody, Cameron, Kim, Peyton, Dakota, Lou, Harper, Shay, Tracy, Stevie, Jordan, Emery, Jessie, Whitney, Taylor, Kelly, Quinn, Sage, Casey, Paris, Reese, Sidney, etc.

  • Thanks a lovely list. Very helpful.

  • Not cool.

  • Got a few good ones

  • Names I think, that are gender fluid are; Andy, Tony, Elliot, Dannie and Ely :-)

    I've known men and women who are called the above names x

  • Andi is nice.....and Robyn with a Y. Danni, Leslie, Kelli, Kris, Aidan

  • Seven

  • I suggest you give him a boys name. This is absurd.

  • It's absurd within your opinion, but that doesn't mean, it is absurd!

    Each to their own :)

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