Wife and friend drank too much

At my wifes company Christmas party my wifes friend had a bit too much too drink, We went to the bar after and then to our place, Everyone was laughing and joking and flirting, She sat on my lap grinding against me as my wife stood in front of her with her hands on her friends hips guiding her motions.
Her friend is pretty with a bit of a chubby bum and tiny b****, I didn't realize how small until that night, She had turned to face me as her and my wife tried to tease me playfully kissing each other a little bit, She was leaned back with my wife holding her up kissing as my wife pulled her friends top up exposing her stomach, I put my hands on her stomach and my wife pulled her friends top up exposing her bra, I slid my hands up and my wife put her hands on mine and puled them up cupping her friends b**** over her bra, My wife kissed her friends neck as she had her head leaned back and unclipped her front clip bra she pulled her friends bra out from under my hands and I had my hands on her friends little b****.
She is pretty much flat chested, Barley even a bump but she has tiny little nipples which were harder than I have ever seen in my life, I took my hands off her b**** and pinched her nipples, That may have been the worst decision but I rolled them between my fingers a bit and she looked down then covered them with her hands and sat up, She took a deep breath and said "OOOOHHHH boy", She fixed her bra and pulled her shirt down as her and my wife laughed, She leaned in and hugged me then before standing up ground her hips against my erection one more time.
The next morning I asked my wife about it and she rolled her eyes saying "You men are completely controlled by your p****, It was just drunk stupidity, Get over your self, You are not getting a threesome".

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  • Due to being feminized, most again don't understand how to deal with this crap. Second guessing aside, when drinking among females, a man must always keep his wits about him. This includes not trying to keep any females on their feet or from losing their balance. Like men, they need to learn that when drinking they are on their own. After all, we're all adults. Now first, a broad doesn't just sit on a given man's lap. A man is ready if that occurs. So already he hasn't kept his wits. The rest grew from there. Fundamentals men, fundamentals!!

  • ...That's kind of messed up, blaming your for being a man and thinking like one. I guess you're supposed to think like a female now

  • Yeah you may have dodged a bullet with the wife, but that really wasn't fair either.

  • Honestly I think you are lucky it didn't go any farther. It sounds like when your wife sobered up she would have freaked on you about it. It would have turned into "you took advantage of them while they were drunk".

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