Family members should have to wear a bracelet or something

So I have a large extended family and I don't know all of them, and I live in a big city, I went to a party and met a girl, We talked and flirted and at the time I thought she was pretty, We ended up kissing a bit and snuck out to my car.
We messed around a bit and she got topless, she gave me a hand job and I fingered her and sucked on her b****.
A week later I found out her last name which is the same as my moms cousins last name, A bit of research and S&@T, She is my moms great niece or something like that, (Keep up, My moms, Cousins, daughters daughter) Yeah, yeah, long way down the line and I am not even sure what that makes us to each other but bottom line is we are related.
I almost puked when I found out knowing we got eachother off and now I have to lie about it and not tell anyone that anything happened.

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  • This happens more than people think. You are technically related but its quite far removed. I have a friend who had been with a woman for over 6 months before they found out he was actually her half brother. His father got a woman pregnant then walked away not taking responsibility for her. They had no idea until he met her mother . The mother took one look at him asked who his father was and started to cry when he told her. He was sick for days knowing he had been f****** his half sister. The strangest part was the girl was totally in love with him and wanted to continue their relationship.

  • You both didn't know you were related, when you kissed/played with each other, so don't sweat it.

    It would've been worse if you did know and still proceeded to get each other off.

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