I'm sick of you

I don't accept your perversion and pedophilia...I don't accept how you look at the young with l*** in your eyes. Your sexuality is disgusting and not to be celebrated. IT IS SHAMEFUL. Those who follow this and the path of corruption, l*** and hatred will cause the collapse of humanity. It is YOUR fault, on an individual level.



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  • Yup.. sickening. So gross.can never want to touch a guy like this..my gut always tell me the truth.

  • I am NOT the OP. I told my wife that I have a bit of a kink that I like a bit of spanking and being tied up. I'm good to play either role. ie the spanker or spankee.

    She just thought I was sick and needed to be healed or fixed. The end of intimacy and the start of judgement.

  • Women always say they want us to be open within our marriages, to experiment, to try new things, different things, spice things up. They never mean it. They f****** NEVER mean it.

  • Hoping you're not misjudging someone.

  • ^so true^. be careful that you aren't misreading whatever signs you're seeing. it's a dangerous accusation to make.

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