Getting Stripped In Front of Whole School!

One day when i was in Hugh school, we were in class and the teacher left the room to go fill out some paperwork and i just sat there doing my work and a group of girls started playing truth or dare. At the time, i didnt really care much, but then a girl looked at me and they all started whispering and giggling quietly, which again, i couldn't care less about. A few minutes later, I went to go hand in my test, when suddenly I felt my pants being yanked down. The girl took my shirt off too, and then she said, "You have to do what I make you do and you can't struggle." So I did since she was much stronger than me. Some people in the class started to look over and I felt my face grow red. But that wasn't all, suddenly, she pulled my underwear down too! Now I was completely exposed in front of the entire class, who were laughing, and I had a HUGE b****. I could feel tears in my eyes and I started crying and she told me I couldn't cover up. She quickly went back to her seat and I didn't know why, until, the teacher (female) came back into the room. She was shocked and furious. Then, that girl who stripped me stood up and said "He has been a bad boy, he just wanted attention!" Suddenly, the teacher picked me up and said " Oh you're going to get attention all right." I was so humiliated and my b**** was bigger than ever. She dropped me off in the cafeteria and stood me up. Suddenly the bell rang and everyone in the school would be coming in here for lunch! Then, 900 kids came in and saw me, totally exposed. My b**** were hanging out for everyone to see. Then, I heard a lot of snickers which turned into laughter. I was being laughed at in front if the entire school! I stood there, petrified and beyond humiliated. Then one girl came up on stage and started rubbing my b**** and it got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and I shoot for the whole school to see! The shame was unimaginable. The humiliation was terrible. I was being judged, laughed at, touched, and things were being thrown at me. My parents heard about the incident and to make matters worse, blamed it on me and to teach me a lesson, they shoved me outside naked on display in front of anyone who walked by our house and they also made me wear women's sheer clothing and made me stand outside too. Pictures were uploaded and it was put on YouTube and the news. I still have to face everyone at that school every day and I usually get stripped by other boys and girls.

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  • Oh, sure, we belieeeeve you.

  • What a load of bollocks lol dreamer

  • Disturbing

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