White People are Losers

I need to confess I think white people are so f****** ugly.... hairy body (even for women) and pale skin... and most white people are so f****** stupid...



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  • And this is why racism will never die. People-- of ALL colors-- just won't let it. That would require evolving as a species, and that's not going to happen.

    Bring on the f****** meteor

  • Eat s*** n die you retarded c** bag

  • Well I think all you n****** are retarded monkey ass worthless cotton pickers can all die

  • I used to be white.

  • You are a f****** idiot, I'm a black woman and only f*** white men because of idiots lick you. I bet you would love to such a nice fat white c***

  • I had a best friend once who was black. too bad I had to sell him.

  • Yet white people control everything, it must drive you insane.lol

  • I'm pretty sure there are lots of white people who are smarter than you! Ignorance is racism, maybe you should educate yourself before making another ignorant comment.

  • .....jesus.........n******...............

  • Wait, did you use n.i.g.g.a? Cause that means brotha.

  • Don't presume the OP is black! There are many individuals who think this way about white people!

    I don't agree with any form of racism, period! But I hate it when people assume its a "black person, whose written this racist confession!"

    That just implies the commentator is racist themselves, just like the OP!

  • The commentator is racist, as they used the "n" word.

  • I agree

  • Maybe the commenter is black. We can say n**** without being racist. That makes all of you racist for assuming they are not black.

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