Wifes step sister

Last summer my wife and I stayed at her moms house for a few days, Her mom was getting married and had planned on leaving on her honeymoon right from the reception so with my wife being an only child and her new husband having only one daughter the two were to be her moms bridesmaids, We spent a couple days at her house before the wedding, My wifes new step sister is a decent looking girl, Decent looking body and a really nice person to talk to.
We were staying upstairs in our normal rooms at her house and her new step daughter was sleeping downstairs, My wife had commented about her step sister not being shy and I asked what she meant, She said "Well, she never wears a bra around the house", I said "yeah, I noticed" and laughed.
I woke up around midnight and got up to get a drink, While I was standing in the kitchen I could hear a noise so I stepped over by the stairs, Quietly I went down a couple steps and peeked around the corner.
My wifes step sister was laying on the couch masturbating, Too bad she still had on her seats and just had her hand in them rubbing furiously, She did have her top pulled up with one t** out pulling her nipple, She had her legs spread wide and lifted her hips moaning a little then put her bum down and pulled her hand out of her pants and pulled her shirt down, She rolled onto her side and I snuck back up stairs.
She is a nice looking girl with nice b**** (One anyway lol), Too bad I couldn't see more but I still enjoyed breakfast looking at her b**** wiggle while she walked around the kitchen then after breakfast I was sent away while the girls got ready.

Jan 20, 2017

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