Abortion is okay. It should be legal. If it can't survive outside of the mom yet, (12 weeks or before) why can't it be the women's choice?

Jan 26, 2017

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  • It is legal in Canada. You just might run into a medical aid or nurse who will object and will be allowed to not participate if it is against their beliefs.

    That is allowed too. But don't try to initiate the argument that it isn't a right to abort. That's been covered with a national plebiscite. Done and done. The health of the woman is paramount.

    Now, if the dad-to-be doesn't want the kid... condoms or any anti-pregnancy efforts should have be taken. Get a snip to make sure.

    No more Forced Birther nonsense needed.

  • I agree with you. There is no reason a woman shouldn't be able to get an abortion whenever she wants. It's her body.

  • I'm an atheist and I hate abortion. Destroying a potential human being is odious to me.

  • Really. So how do you feel about modern life in general? Because the way society does things destroys human beings in a thousand small and large ways. Pro-lifers never, EVER consider the tiny minor little portion of life that occurs between birth and death. Why is that? Answer that in a way I can hang with and I'll begin to consider pro-lifers something other than cherry-picking fuckt@rds.

  • The choice to have an abortion should be entirely the woman''s to make. Also, the woman should be free to abort the child at ANY stage in her pregnancy--and, yes, I also mean "late-term" abortions!

  • Yes. Because the alternative is making me carry a child I don't want.

    I love my two kids. But still -- my body, my right.

  • I wish you were aborted!

  • Yawn. You get this alongside the trembly-voiced "What if YOUR parents decided to abort??!!!!!???!!!" in every single conversation about abortion ever. All those statements do are show that some pro-lifer got their poor widdle fee-fees hurt and they're crying about it.

  • Read some biology books it will help you understand what you have such a strong opinion on

  • It is a woman's choice, Who is stopping you. What I would like to know is seeing as it is a woman's choice and the father has no say as to the child being born. Wouldn't it be fair then for the father to have the right to say he doesn't want the child and not be forced to pay for it.

  • You are awesome, amazing point

  • You're trying to initiate a debate and commentary of hate, instigating this particular topic of confession.

    It's not cool!

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