I like punching or pressing girl's belly (stomach)

I don't know why but I love punching or pressing my gf's stomach.
When I see girl's body, I firstly look her waist. I love tiny and curved waist.. I really like grabbing very tiny waist with my both hands. At the same time, I like to press or punch her upper stomach. I like to punch or press my fist into her soft relaxed upper stomach (between solar plexus and navel) very very deeply into the deepest point. It feels ...very soft and sexual. When I see my gf laying down on the bed and sucks in her stomach a little, showing off her ribs, it really makes me want to press or punch right into the upper stomach... if she maintain softness (no resist) while I punch or press, that is be the best for me... I enjoy this everyday with my gf.
My gf's waist is about 24 inch, it's very tiny, but she has pretty much fat around her waist and stomach, so when I grab her waist, it's very soft and tender... when I press my fist very deep into her upper stomach, it feels like jelly.. very soft and she moans, it just makes me crazy....
Does anybody have this kind of punching or pressing fetish? am I weird?



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  • Gee, sounds familiar, as a bf loved that too. I didn't at first but learned to.

  • I like belly punching and i am from Mumbai, India
    Email:- rahulvedh98@gmail.com

  • You need to do it. I have a severe fetish for girl stomach - slim girls and punching and hurting them in the stomach is a big part of it. You'd be surprised how many girls have a secret fetish for being hit in the stomach pit or lower tummy. Some like it for real others just like to pretend and role play. Often they like to fake stomach pains.

    My fav part is the forced stomach grunting and the bend over, doubled over, doubled up and silent stomach holding with panty covered crotch and butt on display.

    Nothing hotter to be than hitting a beautiful girl in stomach - except her reactions.

  • You a have a beautiful way with words my friend!

  • I got lucky not only did I land a sexy Asian girl, but she loves it when I sink my fist in her soft belly

  • It's fairly common. I've had at my hot older sister's tummy for years, starting when she'd wear a tiny bikini or navel-baring shirt. Not so much punching as wrapping my hands around her waist and squeezing, or, fingering her navel and pressing in, hard..

  • Bullshit. You were here 3 1/2 years ago looking for any excuse to troll other people's posts with fantasies around your "hot older sister" or the waitresses at "the sports bar". Anyone that devoted to the same exact theme over and over again is not living the dream, they're dreaming it.

    You're a virgin and you probably ended up killing yourself.

  • I'll f*** your sister.

  • Did she like it?

  • When I was a boy, my older teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach a good inch to two inches deep. We never talked about it, we just did it all the time, so I have no idea how or why this practice got started.

    My cousin often held me this way openly in front of our family, and it was secretly affecting me in ways nobody (including probably her) ever recognized. I sometimes worried someone might get horrified if they noticed the peculiar way she was holding my stomach in. But nobody ever thought anything of it, in fact they usually paid no attention even when she was holding my stomach in two inches deep right out in front of everyone.

    This led to me asking my babysitter, a big brawny farmgirl, to hold me on her lap with her hands sunk back into my stomach "just as tight as you can." I think she found this a simple way to keep me entertained, and also to keep me conveniently immobilized and out of mischief. So whenever she came over to babysit she would hold my stomach all the way back in, excruciatingly white-hot ULTRA-tight, while we watched TV. I would sit there silent and still, locked on her lap and unable to go anywhere even if I tried.

    I cannot possibly exaggerate just how freaking tight this huge farmgirl always held my stomach in... just about as absolutely tight as was physically possible. I don't think it could have gotten any tighter. And I loved it! Though I know I would have died if anyone else had ever seen the strange way she held me.

  • You have problems. You need Jesus.

  • My ex girlfriend use to get paid by this woman who had a belly punching fetish. She would pay my ex like $75 to $250. My ex would have to stand there and just take it. The woman would punch her in the stomach and torment her like she was dominating her. It was usually around 15-20 minutes. Anyways the money started getting higher she would then have another girl hold my exgirlfriend as she punched her in the stomach standing or with her laying down on her back then the other girl would take turns. I started hating it because I felt like this woman was using her for her own pleasure. My ex would be in so much pain but she was a tough cookie.

  • That sounds hot asf. I'd have been not only been overly sexually arounded seeing her take it in the stomach and doubling over and holding her stomach in pain - but comforting her hurting stomach after. I'd probably explode just from seeing her doubled up in pain after tho.

  • It’s really sexy to see a petite 18 yr old coed punched in the center of her belly. The gasp of pain and surprise is sweet but watching her double over with agony is precious

  • I would love to have this done to me ;)

  • Well come on over and and I will do that to you

  • I would love to have this done to me by a beautiful woman wearing a bikini that could punch my belly real hard .i would pay her to do it

  • My girlfriend is a 29 year old beautiful asian girl, I'm sure she would do anything you ask. Not to mention she loves taking it herself. She says I'm not allowed to punch any other girl only her, but il be more than happy to watch! Maybe we can set something up

  • Are you female?

  • There are women out there that would do it,anybody know of one ?

  • I saw a belly punching match with both girls wearing bikinis both girls were 36/24 36 the winner drew a bullseye on the beat up stomach with a fist in the belly button.

  • I no of bikini belly punching match a18 year old girl beatup a 24 year girl.it was a classic with a oveer the body pin and the count was to ten.

  • Are you a girl?

  • I liketa punch the pregnet girls belly owww ouch!

  • Each to their own, whatever floats your boat.

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