I wonder if I wasn't fat:
would I still be depressed
would I be with the friends I have,
would I be going to a real college, living out my dream
Would my family be so dysfunctional
would i be in a relationship

It's a lot, but I find them very reasonable

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Idk if you're a boy or a girl.

    I'm a girl. People say I'm not fat. I'm pretty, but I don't agree with them.

    Others think I'm pretty, and I don't agree.

    You think you're not pretty, others may not agree. See?

    I've always found it really beautiful when people with a little extra on them find confidence. It's wonderful to watch, and by the way...

    Though the idiots above don't agree, and lot of guys like women with CURVES, not bones and lack of b****, and there's a lot of girls who like some tummy on their bois too.

    Sure, some of your problems might clear up, but only because with the losing weight will come new found confidence. If you can find that now, then maybe things will clear up on their own...

    Do what you want with your weight. Just know you should love yourself for who you are anyways. :] You sound like a very beautiful person.

  • ^^Magna C** Laude myself, loser. As far as being better at life than most people? Always apply the Golden Rule.

    The same people that make fun of another due to size are the ones that will have no one around when life comes crashing down around them.

  • ^^^ Magna C** Laude, sucker. You just have a hard time realizing that other people are better at life than you.

    Again, go suck on your karma. HA! HA! HA! HA!

  • F*** all the "fatty" coments! Wait till they put on a few xtra lbs after eating a whole carrot when they turn 20. I've been too skinny and have had a few extra pounds, meaning a lot. And yes, I felt the same way. Still do, even though I've lost 30 lbs. I know we have always been told "You can never be to thin or to rich".

  • Man-you are a legend in your own mind! And regarding the original message-you may not be any happier if you did lose a lot of weight. Millions of people still see themselves oval weight all the time-even if they are under 100 pounds. It's in the mind first of all to straighten out & then the body-good luck

  • ^diets and exercise change weight. Nothing changes stupidity; you'll be stupid your entire life.

  • ^ F*** you a******. 53 years old and in better shape than you'll ever be. I can bench press 335, do 50 push-ups and I still make a speedo look good.
    Go suck on your karma.

    And NO, nobody likes a fatty.

  • Ignore the idiots above. Trust me, weight issues aren't easy...but at the same time, it doesn't affect every facet of your life. Your family would be the same, regardless. Your education would be the same, no matter what your size. The only thing I can see it actually affecting is the depression. Please, don't be so h****** yourself. People like the above two comments are the reasons you ARE so h****** yourself, and I can't wait until their lil bubble bursts. It happens to everyone, and I love it when karma strikes.

  • All of your expectations would be realized if you slim down to a more normal size.

    Nobody likes a fatty.

  • fatty fatty fatty and might I say againFATTY

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