Secret Donald Trump supporter

I work in the entertainment business. It's filled with pretentious left wing people who shed crocodile tears for every minority and rail against Repubicans just to seek attention and look good in fashionable circles.

I usually avoid politics in discussions. At work when it does come up I lie and pretend to be a passive liberal.

I voted for Donald Trump and I am glad I did. I would happily do it again and will bote for him in future. I love his ban on refugees from certain countries and I thought his inauguration speech was brilliant. When my work colleagues and other bleeding hearts moan about him it's music to my ears!

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  • I too detest pretentious condescending Democrats, for many of the same reasons I have no time for Trump and anyone who skips along bleating behind him.

    I feel your pain, OP. Have to do the same exact thing every time I go down to the gun range. I'm a pretty good shot, just so's ya know. Hope to meet someday. ;)

  • Hello. I am British and I admire Donald Trump. I wish the UK had a politician similar to him. It's run by left wing elites who are obsessed with "political correctness" and the perception of racism rather than taking steps to address Islamic terrorism and Islamic persecution of other minorities.

  • Organized religion needs to f*** off

  • I love you man. I love Donald Trump too. He will make America great again and sort out all the Islamic terrorists.

  • He will do neither of those things. He WILL, however, enrich himself and his sick family at the expense -- and to the lasting embarrassment -- of the American taxpayer.

  • Yeah nascar ! are you poor and stupid enough ? mabye

  • If trump wants to make merica great again how about not being a d*** to your best trade partners and f****** around in chinas territory but hey now all you poor as s*** conservatives can have freeeeedumb

  • America, not merica

  • Never heard of that one before eh?

  • Neither have I lol

  • You people complain about liberals yet i really doubt you have enough money for medical bills or education but you relate to trump lol. youre safe secure now right the atomic clock is getting pretty close to midnight and there will be way more terrorist attacks after that muslim ban which would have been appropriate after 911 not years later which just makes you guys look like racists

  • I'm not an American, so don't give a s**** about Donald Trump.

  • The reason why you've been so silent: You're a parrot in a cage waiting to be trained what to say.

  • You dont have anything relevant to say anyway...

  • No one has anything relevant to convey!
    No one change the past. Just live and let live :)

  • Still waiting on that Obamacare repeal/reform/repair/whatever he wants to call it this week.

  • I'm an out in the open Donald Trump supporter. What's your problem? Are you afraid some mob of liberals will attack you? I don't blame you.

  • I dont think anyone will attack you but you look stupid to most forsure

  • You're the one whose stupid "for sure"
    stating this crap! You must live a sheltered existence, if you believe what you've written or you're a child who shouldn't be involved in adult conversations! Go to your room and leave the adults to discuss such matters, you don't need to bother your little head on s**** like this lol :)

  • Man wtf are you talking about? your spell checking me yet using smileys.

  • Lol smiling emoji's have nothing to do with, grammar and punctuation, idiot!

  • Or should i say youre right? f*** yourself

  • You're, not youre

  • Thank you, I often f*** myself and it's great :)

  • I am worried I would lose my job and being put on some sort of blacklist afterwards. The profession I am in is pretty much 100% liberal/left wing. You see all the celebs on TV. All for Hillary/Democrat and there is wide spread intolerance on other points of view

  • Keep your opinions and views in regards to yourself, when interacting with your work colleagues! You don't have to lie about your belief systems, but you don't have to openly admit them either. Political opinions isn't worth losing your jobs and getting harassed at work for, there are more important things in life, than this rubbish.

  • I'm a black woman who voted for Trump. I don't tell anyone. I'm tired about what is going on in our inner cities (Chicago). Obama never did anything about it. I'm tired of illegal immigrants. I hope Trump cleans this s*** up. He is a weird, lying narcissist, but maybe that is what it takes to get ankle deep in the shithole and start shoveling it out. F*** the protesters.

  • When Trump signed executive orders on Dodd Frank, and the coal regulations, and the fiduciary rule, are those indications to you of a man who cares about the forgotten and downtrodden working (whites only!) man of the USA, or is this more about skimming over reality in your reach to try to pump yourself up to convince yourself you're better than others? In your answer, which will no doubt include the words libtard, Oblabla, Obummer, idiot, snowflake, b-utthurt, crybaby, try to actually, if at all, address these three particular executive orders as part of your intellectual discourse. While you do that, come close and look into my eye. Nice and dry there, isn't it. Yeah, that's right. I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid to confront you. I'm not afraid, not in tears, or intimidated. Not by some smug fool in an ivory tower. I will take you on. You support a fool, an incompetent tyrant, and your viewpoint is archaic. It's time for the world to move on and leave the likes of you and Trump far, far behind. You know how I know you will fall? As much as you think you "won," as though this about winning or losing, ha!, you still confess anonymously that you are a coward who keeps their ignorant views to yourself in the real world. Now, about those three executive orders... ball's in your court. Let's see you successfully defend these three examples of a sham of an administration.

  • I don't care!

  • P.S. try to also do so without assuming I supported that deceitful hag Hillary. Which I know you will try to do.

  • She was so awful. So glad she was not elected.

  • Agreed she is such a b****

  • I wouldn't go far as to state she is a b****, but she's not far off lol

  • I loved it when all those democrats cried after the election

  • If that's how you want to present yourself, as the type of person who gloats, who wants to perceive some misery in others to make yourself feel smug and content with being low, fine. See, I'm not a crying leftie. You can call me that if you, I don't care. It's fine by me if you want to mistake my politeness and willingness to let you have your viewpoint without judgment as weakness and that I won't fight you. I may not even respond when you reply to this calling me all sorts of names. But I assure you, when (not if, but when) your day of reckoning comes, when Trump has ruined everything, and you can no longer hide, sulk, or justify your ideology, when you are on your knees begging for mercy, I will remember how you called and called for an end to civility, and I will turn around, break wind in your face, and walk away.

  • Lol you may not be crying but the comments in this poat shows hiw childish you are. we had to put up with your obamanation for 8 years.

  • Lol poat and hiw

  • Lol go ahold and make fun of how i misspelled "how" you know you want to

  • Lol you misspelt "ahead" as well.

  • MAGATS aren't much good at basic things like spelling. It explains a lot

  • Civility in politics is a lost art. I take no joy in the sadness of the majority of those who don't support Trump. I enjoy a good honest debate. The exception is the smug, arrogant, Hollywood elites who talk down to the country and act like they are better than everyone else. I'm not sorry to see them taken down a notch.

  • I neither care, pretend to care or want to care about this tosh! Life is simpler this way for me, from my personal perspective.

    Each to their own :)

  • Amen!

  • Damn right!

  • I agree with you liberals are nothing but whinging cry babies and snowflakes. I am disgusted by them.

  • Inconsequential crap!

  • That you are in here crying about your disgust is pretty ironic.

  • You have a habit of overusing the word "snowflakes" in many comments. What is it with this word, why do you like it so much?

  • The word refers to generally young people who think that they are special and unique and should be recognized and feted merely for showing up. Snowflakes are unique. Therefore, weak-minded social justice warriors are snowflakes.

  • Is it an American term, similar to the word "flaky?"

  • It's definitely American but not related to "flaky". Whereas a flaky person is unreliable, a snowflake thinks that they deserve praise and recognition simply for showing up rather than actually accomplishing something. An example of snowflake behavior would be giving out participation trophies in a sporting event rather than recognizing a winner.

  • I understand what they mean, but thank you for clarifying it for me, some people don't have the patience and tolerance to :)

    I was referring to, if they're both American terms used.

    I'm not American and only heard the term "flaky" on TV the other day and noticed the term "snowflake" used several times, on this website. I'd never heard that term used either, apart from on here.

    Thanks again šŸ˜Š

  • No one cares in my country we just don't even listen to American news and American politics because its all propaganda

  • Same here

  • California or Massachusetts?

  • You live in North Korea?

  • F*** off back to your safe space snowflake

  • Here you go again

  • You

  • Sounds like someone is still hurting from getting run over by the Trump Train.

  • Your candidate lost. Tough

  • I am in precisely the opposite position politically -- I was a Clinton supporter surrounded by Trump fans -- but my experience, isolation and ostracization (some voluntary, some not) was virtually exactly the same as yours. I get it.

  • It's upto you, whomever you support and whatever you believe.

    I suggest not parading and advertising it around anyone, without being asked your opinion first. Even then, judge the situation carefully, in order to determine your admission etc.
    It might save your life and save you from any grief, you may experience from idiotic people :)

  • Trump traIn!

  • Good for you. It's a sad commentary that the left, who always talk about tolerance and diversity, are so opposed to the expression of ideas different from their own. Anyone who disagrees with them is automatically labeled a bigot or racist. They run and hide in "safe spaces" to avoid hearing ideas they don't agree with. But then when they "protest" by destroying property they're just "expressing themselves." Hypocrisy.

  • When a conversation in politics arise amongst my peers and family members, I simply walk away discreetly and occupy myself with something, more important.

    If anyone asks my opinion in regards to it, I simply say "no comment" I neither justify my opinions nor reinforce them on others. If I don't give a s*** about something, I find a non-offensive way of extricating myself from that situation and specific conversation topics.

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