Staying Inside

After I've finished, my girlfriend doesn't ever let me pull it out and roll over. She makes me lay on top of her and stay inside of her as I drift off to sleep and slowly shrink. I'm always jolted awake by her startled shriek of delight as my limpness eventually plops out of her concealing warmth.

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  • My wife is the same way though not always with me on top of her, she wants me to stay inside in any position. I'm wondering if there is a certain enjoyment she gets from the slow release of pressure or if just the desire to keep me inside of her longer even after she's climaxed.

  • There are bigger problems to have, dude. Get over this one. Just be glad you're getting laid. My buddy hasn't touched p**** in 5 years. His old lady won't give it up!

  • S**** after I finish my wife always tells me to get off because all my weight is on top of her, not like right away but after a few seconds shes starts telling me about her discomfort. Im bigger than her but not like huge, I think she weight 135 and I weight 175... now that I think of it, thats very unromantic

  • Yes, suffocation comes to mind!

  • My wife controls our s** life. Long story including NFP that's natural family planning. That means no condoms. And no pill for her. So we've been practicing me lying on my back while she rides me until she o****** but I have to not o*****. I have to tell her to stop if I'm going to loose it. If it's during her infertile period then we will go again and she will usually give permission but not always. We've actually talked about total o***** abstance for me as that is safer.

  • Stupid and wasted life

  • You can still get her pregnant like that. Tell your wife to read some basic s** ed books.

  • Lol she probably knows and doesn't give a rats a***

  • I think you mean lose instead of "loose." Get a dictionary and get a life you whiny snowflake!

  • Snowflake again!

  • Yes you are correct. I made a mistake.

  • A snowflake mistake.

  • I don't know what a snowflake is except in the context of snow and skiing.

  • Lol

  • I know a gal who wants the same stay on top of her.

  • This confession made me nauseous.

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