New direction maybe

Ok, So this all started a month ago, FYI I consider myself to be straight, Always have been...I think.
I started college, Not going to say how long ago, met my best friend here, She is awesome, We hang all the time, Love the same food, Love the same shows, Love the same music, Love the same style of clothes, Everything and we can honestly sit together for hours and say almost nothing and still know exactly what the other is thinking, We go everywhere together.
We have always both been very flirty and love to tease guys by kissing and touching each other a little bit, We have shared a bed many times and never been any issue until a little while ago when I woke up after a night of partying hard and I woke up in just my thong with someone spooning me from behind, I looked down at the wrist and realized it was her by her watch, One arm across my waist and one under my head with her arm across my chest between my b**** and her hand on my stomach.
I rolled over to face her and she was wearing the same as me, She opened her eyes, Looked down and looked back at me then we both awkwardly got some clothes on and went to the kitchen, We had breakfast and afterward, We were sitting quietly when she started laughing and said "Why were we naked", I burst out laughing and told her I didn't remember, After a short discussion and deciding that both of us were pretty sure nothing happened we carried on with our day.
Fast forward two weeks and I wake up in bed again with her in just our underwear, Snuggled up with my face resting in her cleavage (she has humongous b**** so pretty much anywhere below her neck is cleavage), That morning we actually both remembered going to bed (Barely) and remembered thinking it was a good idea at the time to just have someone to snuggle and skin on skin contact was a good thing, Not sure who came up with that but moving on.
Her and I have been spending just as much time together and there is no awkwardness or anything, I feel like the two times we slept together in our underwear is no big deal but last night she kind of took things to a whole new level, We were sitting around talking and it came up, She looked at me and asked if I had ever been with a girl, I haven't and apparently neither has she, She asked if I ever thought about it, Never in that context, I mean I have thought about it as far as just wondering what it is like not as in thinking I wanted to try it.
Then she dropped a bomb on me, She told me she wanted to try it and she wanted to try it with me, She said she just wanted to try going down on me and I didn't have to do it back but if I want to she was ok with that, I thought about it for a few days and last night we stayed in, Watched a movie and when she got up to go to bed I followed her, We got to my doorway and I took her hand and led her into my room.
Yeah...So...It happened, started out with her going down on me, we switched positions and I ended up on top one facing each way, going down on each other...OMG!!!, We ended on our sides, Both within seconds of each other and it was the strongest o***** I have ever had, Thank god we don't have any other room mates or we would be busted for sure, I am sure the neighbors know at least one of us got some.
We stayed together and this morning I went to class, She is not back yet but I don't know how this is going to go, I am pretty sure she enjoyed it as much as I did and I definitely think we are going to have to have a discussion about it but I am not sure where her head is at as far as relationship status or if this was just a one time thing she wanted to try, Gonna be a big day in about two hours.

Feb 1, 2017

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  • Go with the flow and see what happens. Address things when they arise. But maybe for now, see what your friend wants to discuss. You know her better than, anyone else. I'm sure you'll work things out. Apart from that, enjoy yourselves and have fun!

  • It has been almost a week, I hate how it takes so long for these posts to come up but aside from that we had a talk when she got home and by talk I mean we ripped each others clothes off and had s** in every space of our place that we could and haven't been able to keep our hands off each other since.
    This is something new for both of us and exciting and I am sure the newness will wear off as it always does but so far she has been the aggressor but tonight I have a special surprise for her.

  • I'm happy for you both! As long as you're both happy and enjoying yourselves, that's all that matters :) Happy lovemaking lol x

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