First of all i hate being in this position that i am in, I've been living with my girlfriend for 2 years and we have a kid, was in love with her way back but like now it seems we dont love each other. I move out from the house because of my job so i live like a 4 hours drive and 1 hrs ferry ride and its like half a day traveling so i dont travel only on my day off. just recently i met this beautiful girl same age as me, been spending time with her and she knows that i have a gf and a daughter. she is like wish you were single so that i can be with you forever, you know getting that feeling back is so amazing. the problem is idk if i should break up with my girl and tell her the truth or just continue living the lie cause i'll do it for my daughter sake, want her to raise up with both parents. its a tough break and all the advice i've gotten is do what makes me happy, i can be a good father even if im not living with my baby mom.
its a tough break, cause i grew up living with my mom and step dad, then went to my grand parents and i dont want her to go the same path as me.
then there is me, not being completely happy and been living a lie.

Feb 1, 2017

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  • Just couldn't wait to shoot out a fvck trophy, could you? Well, have fun with that. Your life would be a lot less complicated if you weren't so easily confused by the complex workings of condoms.

  • This is why you were supposed to marry first. What an imbecile.

  • Let her go be happy bro

  • Try discussing your relationship concerns, with your actual girlfriend. Maybe, your girlfriend reciprocates your feelings, you never know. You might be able to remedy your relationship and reconnect, through direct communication and compromise on both parts.

    But cheating without giving your girlfriend and yourself a chance to improve things, is NOT the way to go.
    Like you stated you have a child. Try to improve things for her sake. Once you've both done that and if it still isn't working out, that discuss parting ways. Always seek legal aid beforehand, in regards to joint child custody and child support.

    Good luck. Whatever you do, end things first, before considering cheating. It's not fair on your girlfriend if you chest on her or continue to do so, whilst still dating her.

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