I Hate British Slang

I'm not xenophobic and don't hate British people or really any country/nationality but I HATE the way many British slang sounds. More specifically, I'm talking about sexual slang. I read sexual confessions on here, as well as other sites, and I can immediately tell the poster is British when they start using unsexy words like, f****, a***, bum, etc. Are these the words you British use when you're getting down and dirty because "suck my f****" is terrible. Am I not alone in this?

Feb 1, 2017

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  • W💩NKER

  • T🤬SSER

  • C👅NT

  • Another Brit here... Can honestly say I've never heard "suck my f****" in my life. "suck a d***" is a playful insult with some guy friends I know.
    I also despise the word "c***". It's seems to be the ultimate insult where I am and is rarely used.
    I totally agree with the "t***" statement as that is used alot here and American's don't say it right lmao

  • Brit here. I hate "f****" too, it sounds horrible. I prefer c*** or p****. Also hate "bum". I use "a***" and "ass" depending on context - when talking to a woman I might say "I'm gonna f*** you in the ass", but chatting to a guy in a bar when a hot girl walks past, I would say "whew, check out the a*** on that!"

    However, I really hate the way American pronounce t***. In the UK, it rhymes with Cat, but in the US it rhymes with Swat or tot. Awful!

  • Yes, some British slang words sound unsexy to American ears, but I'm sure they feel the same way about our slang. For me, the biggest turn off is the word "knickers". Even though I know better, hearing the word only conjures up images of baggy pants that were popular a hundred years ago.

  • You sound like a t***

  • I like that the brits use the word cuunnnt so liberally.

  • Me too! It's like a slightly rough term of affection over there.

  • I hate all slang words, not just the British one's. I've heard many over the years from travelling. The only places I haven't travelled to is America, Russia, Germany and so forth. So I haven't heard there slangs directly. But I watch TV and read confessions on here, that primarily American/Canadian confessor's.

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