So my bf and I have been... um... "together" for over a year. But we have never actually met in real person... He asked me to be his girlfriend online, I never thought it would amount to anything, so, reluctantly, I said yes. Come to find out, I fell completely in love with him... every word he spoke made my toes tingle lol. So, we said goodnight to each other every night at the same time and etc. until one night he asked me to just leave the phone on. Grant it we had free minutes and everything, there is no harm in it. I think it's sweet because it makes it seem like he's really there and If i wake up from a nightmare I can just say his name and he'll wake right up and comfort me. But at the same time I think about it and I think It's really weird.

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  • it is weird..your weird.

  • ^ lol, fart in your sleep and he hears it

  • Its a great mental connection, but not a real relationship. You don't get exposed to the warts and all part of life. The part where you complain to each other about how you leave the bathroom a mess. The part where one person seems to dissapear when its time to wash up the dishes. The part when one of your works on a totally different time schedual so you only see each other for a few hours a day. Its not real until you are in person. Reason? Your whole relationship is based on discussions. When in person, will you talk so freely?

  • leaving the phone on... that's kinda sad.

    what if you fart in your sleep and he hears it

  • i've gone through the same thing. my guy & i only met after we'd been together for a year. it's amazing to have someone you can completely connect with, but it's horrible that you're so far apart. i just think we fell in love at the wrong time.

  • who goes out with someone they've never met?????

    just sayin'

  • yes very weird..........

  • Oh shut up... It's kinda cute. I wonder how old they are? lol.... Or at least I hope their young because It's a lil desperate for an adult.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is just too f*****' FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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