My wife takes her panties off in bars.

First, setting the tone: My wife is black. I am white. We live in a very redneck state. When my wife and I go out, she sometimes likes to go to the restroom and take off her panties to put into her purse. She shows me, and that means I get free hands-on access to her p****. Depending on the lighting, she gets rubbing, slit stroking, and even finger-f****** while we sit at the bar. It's best when she's had a few, because she then doesn't notice if we're noticed. She also starts to sit back and expose her treasure to the world while I work her. It's amazing how many good ol' boys are happy to steal a glance at a DARK ebony woman getting rubbed off by a pale white boy.

Feb 6, 2017

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  • I love f****** black slags

  • My husband likes us to do stuff like that too. That is a turn on but I'll only go along if we are FAR from home and I'm in the mood to go along.

  • Does she ever fully flash it off to them,opening her legs so they can see her p**** lips part and the wetness shows throu? I live in the U.K. and my slim Mrs likes to do this,in shopping centres she rides the escalators panties free with her freshly shaved p**** on show to anybody standing behind on it,usually wears a mini skirt one of the loose fitting pleated ones and heels so as she walks it flips up at the back so nobody is in any doubt she wants it noticed,she also chooses shoe stores with young assistants to try on long boots or strappy heels and as the guy or girl is on their knees helping she slyly opens her legs so they can see what's on offer;on occasion she has "pulled" and then snuck into the storeroom or staffroom for a quickie with guy or girl whilst I wait for her;she tells me all about it and we hurry off to find somewhere to f*** quick n frantically

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