I hate my stepdaughtet

My ungrateful 19 year old stepdaughter really does junk that the world revolves around her I have tried being nice but all you get is bitchy comments I married her mother 5 years ago but I fear if things don't change soon I'm afraid I will have to leave as her mother thinks the sun shines out of her a***

Feb 6, 2017

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  • I agree with the ones who said you need to start f****** her.

  • I get annoyed with individuals who behave in this manner, It's unacceptable! She should be grateful, respectful and honour the fact she's living in a home being provided for!

    Some individuals aren't as fortunate and would love to be in her situation!
    I certainly would've, at 19 years of age!

    I was supporting myself independently and financially, from 16 years old. I had a flat, attended College part-time and worked two jobs. I commuted everywhere by walking, until I passed my driving test at 17. In the UK it's 17 when you can learn. I did all this, without expectations of support from anyone, I did it for myself. I'm 32 now and regret nothing.

    This girl needs to learn discipline and respect!

  • Being nice just perpetuates the bitchiness. Get tough. You see the bad boys get the good girls. They like strength and tougness and respect that. The feel a set of conflicting feelings esp these days of womens lib where they get this message that women can do anything and so on. The right balance is when you are strong and tough but dont belittle or degrade.

    I'd start with talking to her mom about this.

    Then basically get tough and personally a good beating goes a long way. Not just once. A single beating is seen as you having a little tanty. Basically lay down the rules and advise that the punishment is the strap or cane or whatever is your preference. Make it hard and painful for her and not sexual. I'd stay away from hand spanking and certainly no pants down sillyness. Thats the stuff of p*** and dreaming.

  • Sounds like she just needs a good f******. Help her out.

  • Don't be so crude and disgusting! Everything isn't about s**, you f****** imbecile!

  • Consider the demographics of the site you're on. "Imbecile" is shooting too high for a lot of these virginal mopes.

  • ^I agree^

  • Why is she still living there at 19

  • I agree

  • Unfortunately, most kids her age believe the world revolves around them. At 19 it's probably too late to turn her around. If you still love her and want to stay your best bet is to convience the mother that the girl is an adult, responsible for herself, needs to get a job, go to college, and learn to pay her own way for what she wants. Baring that, you're looking at a messy divorce.

  • You don't know most kids who are 19 years old! So don't generalise and make assumptions about "most" 19 year olds!

    I know some individuals, who act this way in general and they're older than 19.

    So don't assume this behaviour is age related, It's not. It's an individual thing.

  • ^ Found the 19 year old princess ^
    Triggered much, sweetheart?

  • Leave man! You don't need that baggage and crap! Do what's best for you and what'll make you happy. Because at the moment, you aren't.

    Good luck

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