So f****** hot

My sister in law is f****** sexy and of corse I can't f*** her but I can't help but feel what it would be like and get hard every time I see her in her tight yoga pants.her ass is so fat and round and iv seen it befor but haven't had a chance to see it again so one day when she got home i pulled my p**** out of the hole in my pjs and walked down stairs into the living room where she was and when I walked in her eyes got big and she was blushing so I acted like I didn't no my junk was out and went to sit next to her on the couch but when I got close she grabbed my d*** and said if you don't tell I won't and she put her mouth one the head and started sucking then she went full pole and gave me the best b****** iv ever had and the best part is she let me pull her ass out of her pants and said your turn and pushed her ass against my face and let me lick both holes befor putting my limp d*** in her beautiful butt I didn't c** again but she wants to make it a every weekend thing I have no problem with that

Feb 13, 2017

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  • Lucky you, i wish i could do this with my sister in law

  • I'm up for trading pics of sister in laws a**** if you are

  • Take a video of you j********** then leave your phone in the bathroom on with the video paused at a part you no it's paused at befor she goes in there and most likely she will pick it up and bam if she watches it you will no then the next time your alone with her pretend you don't no your zippers down and p**** hanging out if you see her looking walk to her and see her response

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