its wrong but its love

I am having a affair with my best girlfreinds dad. its wrong but its love.

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  • This place takes far too long for new confessions to appear.

  • Is he single or in a relationship with your friends mother or with anyone else? Are you of consensual age?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with what you're doing, as long as you're consent age and he's single.

  • Thank you for being supportive. And I appreciate it. Yes, he is married to my friends mother but he loves me more and he tells me that all the time and that makes me feel SOOOOO good when he says it! This really is love and we both feel it and say it to the other one all the time!! Thank you!!!!!!

  • Oh, I almost forgot! You asked about him being involved with someone other than Mya's mom. He did have a mistress when we started dating but he broke up with her and now he's only with me!! Thanks again!!!!!!

  • You've misconstrued the comment. I think you aren't an adult and this confession is a sham lol! Well, It's the right website for it!

  • It might work. Who knows?

  • Thanks for being so open-minded. Yes, I think it WILL work, because it already is.

  • It's probably a major age imbalance, and you need to stop it. It's also weird for your friendship. Pull yourself together and start acting civil.

  • ^ditto^

  • Your right, he is much older than me. But I'm really mature and he sees that in me where others don't. My friend doesn't know that her dad and me are having the affair but I think when she finds out she will like the fact that him and me found each other, and that she was a part of it, and that we are SO much in love.

  • Do you even realise you are ripping your friend life apart?! How in the world can you think that she will like the fact that you are stealing her father from her Mother? How will she ever be able to trust you or her father ever again?

  • I like the way you say that I am "stealing" her dad from her mom!!! I know its wrong to feel that way but it sounds so good to hear it ...... or read it I guess. :) I dont think I am ripping her life up I really dont or that she wont be able to trust us no more. I honesetly believe and know that I am making her dads life better every day we are together and so I think it will eventually make her life better too. She talks all the time about what a b-i-t-c-h her mom is, just like her dad does, so I know its true. It may hurt a little when me and him start up being open in our relationship instead of in secret. But I think eventually she will be so happy that I am a part of her actual family!!!!! We talk all the time about how we are like sisters and this will make me her stepmom!!! I think she will trust me to be better to her than her mom is and also to not ever be a b-i-t-c-h to her.

  • You are such an f****** old are you? He is never going to open up, and if you do he will say you are a lying w****.

  • You're right: it really IS wrong. You must end it. He won't, so you have to.

  • Neither one of us wants to end this. We just want more and more and more of each other all the time. And we work to get more. Its love.

  • ...i'm sorry to say it but I think you're the only one in love.....he's just having a bit of fun......

  • We are both having fun and we are both in love.......

  • Is her father married?

  • Yes he is married to my friends mom which makes it a little awkward but it also makes it sooooooo much more exciting!!

  • Are you attracted to him, because he's married and older? If you love each other and want to be together exclusively, why doesn't he end his marriage with his wife?

    Are you sure he isn't using you, because he appears to be having his cake and eating it too?! He has his wife to f*** and then you on the side, he has it good! As for you, I'm unsure

  • If I am going to be honest I do have to admit that a part of how sexy this is to me has to do with him being older than me and also being married and that it is to Mya's mom. We do BOTH want to be together exclusively and that is what our plan is for when I am a little older when he will divorce her b-i-t-c-h-a-s-s and get married to me. He doesnt f*** her anymore and he tells me so. I know he isn't using me because I know he loves me and he tells me that every time we are together and every time we make love and even calls me sometimes just to tell me that. This is true love. True true true love.

  • How can anyone intelligible, believe the words of a cheater?! My point is; you are neither intelligent, loyal and lack common sense. The person you're sleeping with, probably has slightly more than you, because he has his wife and you as a side chick. The old, with the new! Best of both worlds really! You just have the old, when you could have a younger stud instead!

    To commence an affair with someone married and the parent of your professed best friend, denotes you're a person of lowly morals and values. You clearly have no positive one's! You have a questionable nature!

    However that said, you're single and don't have as much to lose, as the person you're having an affair with, when the affair is exposed! That can't be said, for the other person! He has a family! But essentially, you both have a part to play in this stupid affair!

    If you're an underage teenager and this affair is genuine, not just a figment of your childish imagination; you better hope you're the age of consent when this affair is exposed! However, if the police was to be informed by a begrudged and betrayed party e.g. Your friend and her mother - the age you commenced the affair, maybe more important! But h***, people can lie.

  • I did something very similar when I was young like you. It was the best relationship I ever had. And he was the love of my life. I'm 43 now and I still think of that man every day. Enjoy yourself. And hold on to him for as long as you can. Don't make a stalker of yourself, but just don't let him go until you have to. Always be happy to see him and ALWAYS be the place he wants to go.

  • Thank you very very much for being so supportive when not everybody is. thaht makes me feel so good to know that you have hadso much love in your life and when you were my age too!!! I love what you said abuot being the place he always wants to go! That is just what I have been doing to whole time and he even saw it for himself and said it before I even said it. he said that I am always what he wants and I am always where he wants to be, even when he's at home with his wife. THIS IS SO TRUE LOVE! thanks for seeing it and writing about yours!

  • If you ever want your friend to be on board with this I sugest you start being honest to her...

  • I want to be honest with her because I think she will love the idea of him and me being a couple and being married. We just can't tell people about our secret right now. And I kind of like us being a secret. :)

  • He will never tell anyone..for f*** sake open your eyes!

  • You seem really young.

    I wouldn't be surprised, if you was underage. If that's the case, I don't condone what you're doing. But it's your choice/life, not mine.

    Use protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. And don't throw your future away, for this person. Still follow your dreams and ambitions, keep an open mind and protect your heart.

  • Wow! Your words are so sweet and so encouraging! Thank you!!!!!! I really really AM following a dream, and sometimes the whole affair seems like a dream to me, like it is happening to a older girl! As for protection.....yes I have got on the pill and he was so in favor of us doing that because then we can decide when to have the babies we both want together. Its so beautiful and its so much love in it!!! I like that you thought about my heart! So sweet!!!!!!! My heart is full of him and full of our love and how much I want him in my life and how much I want him IN ME! Its really a beautiful love story that I am living and I am so lucky we found each other in this ugly world! its beautiful! He is the only man who has not cared about my age and who can see how mature I am and so much more so than other girls my age. And that is a part of the reason he wanted me from the beginning. I am not just more physically mature in my body but I am mentally mature too so much more than even girls who are older then me. Thanks again for being so nice when so many arent nice!!!!!!!!!

  • Exept for the fact that you are very naive about him. Which does show us readers that you are even half as mature as you want us to believe. He is using you. If he really loves you he would have left the b**** ass wife. As for your friend she has the right to call her Mother that, it does not mean she really hates her. You are seriously f***** up in the head.

  • Being on the pill, won't protect you from STD's. Use condoms as well. You mentioned he's had other mistresses previously, so ensure you use condoms as well.

    Hypothetically, you might not need them - because I doubt this confession is real.
    But thank you for the fictitious outlet. Some commentators need an outlet, as well as OP's with fictitious confessions! It's about seeking attention and releasing tension!

    Thanks again child.

  • Just so long as you both understand the deal. You get what you get from it and he gets kis ego stroked with a young body.

  • Thats part of it but it really is more than just that. its totally love and we both know it and we both say it to each other. this is for always.

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