Now she is mad at me???

It is always my job to grab the mail, As it has been for the last two years we have been living together, just one of those things I always do, Last night I was unaware my room mates boyfriend was over, I got home, Grabbed the mail and took it up to the apartment, her door was closed which is not uncommon, She closes every door when she leaves a room, Just habit.
I walked up and opened the door and walked into her room to drop her mail on her dresser as I always do except when I opened the door I got a huge shock.
My room mate was in bed with her boyfriend, Her on her back and him straddling her chest stroking his wiener, I screamed, He moaned, she screamed and I saw something I never wanted to know about, Actually a couple things, I burst out laughing and slammed the door, I didn't mean to laugh but I just did.
A little while later she went to the bathroom and showered and he left without saying a word to me, When she came out I apologized right away, We both have "do not disturb" signs we stole from hotels to let each other know when and when not to come into each others rooms, She DID NOT have hers out and she told me she didn't think I would be home that early.
She tried explaining the "Situation" I walked in on and I told her I didn't want to know, I don't care where she lets him finish.
But now she is mad at me for laughing, I tried to tell her it was just an automatic reaction but her boyfriend is mad because he thinks I was laughing at him, That was the first time I have ever seen his...junk, and yes it was less than impressive, Actually down right small, Kind of looks like a peperoni stick but that's none of my business.
Hopefully they get over it, I already have but don't like fighting with my room mate or her boyfriend for that matter over something so small...Oops, I mean trivial, LOL.

Feb 14, 2017

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  • It sounds like great fun. You know when you get old and boring like me, youll look back on that teen / early 20's time of share houses and parties and risky business and laugh. H*** you may even trot out the story at her wedding or something. Good on ya and you know if the boyfriend cant get over it then hopefully she will get over him.

  • You sound like a stupid immature b**** to be honest. I would've defended you for laughing in the moment only because it was awkward and many have an instinctive reaction to laugh in awkward situations. But you trying to justify it by saying it's not your fault that he has a small p**** pretty much makes you a c***. At the very least, she's getting laid and you're not. Wheres your bf? Oh I know, I'm sure you'll say he was at his $100K job and then came home and f***** your with his huge d***. Or maybe you're a miserable little s***. Do you have 36DD t***? I doubt it. So grown up; size isn't everything.

  • Why do I need to have big b****, So they can get saggy when i'm older, I actually have very nice 36 C's, almost perfectly symmetrical with small nips which are almost always hard...Oh yeah but you'll never see them, Sounds like you may have a size issue yourself...Sorry about that.

  • To be honest, you don't seem mature yourself!

  • If her boyfriend is mad at you then he has a little bit of a tiny insecurity issue or something. I bet the relationship with be cut short.

  • It was an awkward moment, but don't laugh about it. Just turn the page and be respectful, you j***.

  • Lick 👅 a***

  • It's not your fault and problem - he has a small pecker. It's his issues alone.
    As for your room mate, she's the one who has to deal with a small pecker inside her, on a daily basis. Good luck to her!

    You couldn't help but laugh, I would've done the same thing. You've tried explaining why and you shouldn't justify it further, it is what it is :-)

  • ^so totally correct!!^

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