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My beast friend and I have been best friends since high school__we are well into middle age---Way back when in high school sports coach paddled us sometimes during that time we occasionally spanked each other--We remained best friends but never engaged in anything sexual or spanking. We take an annual camping trip into the boonies. After many trips we got into each having a night to confess to each other and get a bare spanking over the other guys lap we confess like a 5th step we are really honest to the point shame we each have a night to confess and get a damn hard bare assed spanking/paddling over the other guys lap it really hurts but the spanker is the boss and while a lot of verbal pleas may be made--neither of us have ever attempted to stop the other guy from giving what he thinks is deserved---I seem to get it a little harder but I am a spanking wus --I hope some one responds not to tell me I am a pervert----Just a comment or insight thank you cronin

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  • I used to get spanked by another boy in our neighborhood. It was always me that got spanked. Always bare. There was another boy that liked to watch, but he never got involved otherwise.

  • Hey dude I like to be spanked alot then take it a***. They both feel great

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