Adult males---paddle/spank

Years ago--my friend and I got paddled bare from coach in high school--for a short time after that incident we played around--and spanked each other but then yrs went by and while we remained best friends we never spanked and then we took a camping trip together and we spanked each other bare---I do not know how it happened--but since then we take a annual camping trip and each gets a night to confess and then take a spanking from the other---the spanked determines when its over and how it is done---the guy getting spanked is always naked the next night its the other turn---it hurts but it is psycho sexual even the confessing part is psycho sexual--but it is truthful---Other than that yearly incident we are normal in every way and have never done anything sexual--yes its weird but is true

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  • I had a situation like that years ago, only I was the only one who got spanked. Whenever we got a chance, I'd get naked and get a good paddling. We had a friend that liked to watch, but he never got involved as a spanker or spankee.

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