My ultimate desire

I am a mature man, and even though I have some experience in giving spankings, I have never actually been spanked. The closest to a spanking that I have come was a single swat on my bare bottom by my mother when I was a child. My secret desire is to get a good long hard bare bottom spanking from one of my female friends. I want it so much that I have actually been known to pull my own pants and underwear down and spank myself. So how do I go about getting someone to fulfill my desire

Feb 11, 2019

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  • If you can't find a friend to do it for you, try a professional dominatrix. I have. It's a little pricy but worth it. Completely confidential. I found an ad in a local "underground" paper. It took me a while to work up the nerve, but I called. I made an appointment, showed up at the proper time. She had a 2 bedroom condo, one was set up as her "dungeon". I paid her fee, she sent me to a walk in closet, there was a chair and some hangers. She told me to get undressed and sit in the chair and wait for her. I did, while I waited I was a little nervous wondering what I had gotten myself into. She led me to the outer room and had me lay across her lap and gave me a good hand spanking. Then she had me bend across a leather "horse". She paddled me with a leather paddle, a flogger, and a fiberglass switch. By the time she was finished my behind was like raw hamburger.

  • The best way is to just ask a close friend if she'll do it. She may have a fantasy of her own that you can help her with.

    Do you have a friend that you confide personal secrets with?

  • Yes but I don't see them often, so even if I told her my secret it wouldn't do any good

  • If she'd be up to helping you, it would be worth making the effort to visit.

  • We spank our children nude or on pantie's or boxer's..

  • It's an odd thing, I grew up getting beat and whipped with a razor strap. I finally escaped those sadistic parents not to be hit again. 30 yrs later I want my sweet lil wife to spank me. She can't bring herself to do.

  • The difference is clear though. If your parents were sadistic and were out to cause pain, that's completely different than what you're asking your wife to do. You aren't asking her to whip your skin raw with a razor strap, but a spanking between two consenting people is a very different thing. It may be hard for her to understand but it's true.

  • Who else came here in 2019?! Yaay!!!

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