Less fortunate

I have been with my bf for over four years now and there is something SMALL that has gotten between us more than any other problem we have faced....
He has a little p****.
At first, I didn't care at all. The s** was good to me!
But the deeper into our relationship, he would openly comment on it. (At the worst times.) Now he just dwells on his size and its become more obvious to me than ever before!
I try to tell him hes wrong and I enjoy it, but he doesn't believe me.
I mean, it isnt the biggest, but it was mine. And i loved the intimacy we had. But now our s** life has turned to s***!
He complains sooo much about himself...it's like dating a female! I can't stand it. You're a grown man! Suck it up and just be glad you're having s**. Lol
We'll do it and quickly afterwards (sometimes during) he'll say things like "im sorry it's small..." And he'll pout. Or he'll ask questions like "how was it? Was it okay?" Ewwww it's starting to even gross me out.
Now his whole demeanor grosses me out. Little feet and hands. Little body. He looks like a kid to me now. An emotional little man. Wtf did i get myself into? I've never wanted a tall, big man so bad! And it's all his own fault... he painted this ugly picture. Now I associate our s** with negativity and its horrible. Should I find ways to fix the way i feel or should I move on???

Feb 22, 2017

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  • My husband still comments on his and we've been married for over 25 yrs. and he isn't small. Men are insecure. Does he watch p***? If so, then that could be making it worse. I would sit him down and tell him that you like him the way he is, but that his attitude is driving you away. Ask him not to say anything about his p**** anymore and maybe try to compliment whatever there is to compliment him about. If you don't love him; move on.

  • I think you should move on, but not for the same reasons as these guys commenting below.
    Sounds to me like you really used to love him and the intimate relationship that you guys shared, both in and outside of bed. Now you say that his whole demeanor grosses you out, that you associate the s** with negativity, and you even describe it all as being horrible. Unfortunately, that sounds beyond fixing to me + you should never feel like you're stuck in a relationship with someone you don't love. Cheating on him, while tempting, would just be wrong and I think you know that. I'd say the best thing would be to brake up and move on to someone that doesn't disgust you. Someone that actually makes you happy. :)
    Good luck, sweetie, and let me know how it goes! B.

  • Have you tried fisting?

  • Get a guy with a big one and do it while he is watching and when it's over tell him that is how a real man does it

  • My mistress does this to me, drives me wild. But I have a fetish for being told how small it is. Maybe your boyfriend wants you to humiliate him

  • F*** that, move on... Women want a man, not a little boy, and I'm not talking about his package size. If he doesn't have any b**** now, he won't have any when you need him to protect you. Kick his crying ass to the curb.

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