I got busted

So...a few months back I called my older sister up and asked if I could borrow a couple dresses for a trip to Jamaica, She and her husband are...Well off and her closet which I am pretty sure is bigger than my apartment is full of stuff she has never even taken the tags off and we are almost exactly the same size so I borrow clothes all the time instead of spending a fortune on summer clothes for a trip in February.
She told me to go ahead as always but that they were out of town for three days so I went over and spent the afternoon in her closet, I actually took a bottle of wine in and spent hours trying on 90% of her clothes, I had actually moved a "Walmart photo" folder of pictures at least a few times as I went through stuff and finally picked it up, it was pretty thick so I opened it and totally did not expect what was in it.
First picture, right there on top is her husband with a friend of hers naked, He just turned 40 and the pictures don't look that old since he has just started to get a touch of grey and in the pictures he has a touch of grey, At first I thought I had stumbled across something horrible and my heart sank, I was actually sad when I seen the first picture and got a bit upset...Until three pictures later, Yeah of course I flipped through them, Who wouldn't?
The first three pictures were of him and my sisters friend who I have met a few times and gone out with her and my sister, I was getting angry until I flipped to the fourth picture AAAANNNDDD, S***...Picture four was my sister, Her husband and her friend with one sitting on either side of him, My sister holding his d*** and her friend sucking it.
I flipped through the whole folder and there is dozens of pictures of the four of them changing places and usually only three in the picture and I assume the fourth taking the pictures, I am not a prude at all but didn't expect that they were into that, The photos painted a picture of a full on swinging relationship between the four of them and lots of my sister and her friend together.
Afterward I put the folder back on the dresser since I had no idea where they would keep something like that and don't know the combo to the safe, I picked out my wardrobe for the week and left.
When I returned the clothes we went into the closet and started putting everything away and there was a moment of awkward silence, I turned to look at her and she just looked almost scared, I looked at her and said "What?", She said "Um...so...(Her husband) forgot to put something away before we left", Instantly I could feel my face turn beet red, She said "You seen them?", I nodded my head then said "I am sorry, I would never invade your privacy, they were just there and I actually moved them a couple times before I looked", She was searching for words and I said "look, Whatever you guys do behind closed doors is none of my business", She looked at me and said "Do we need to talk about it?", I said "Never" and we both laughed.
We actually sat down and had a glass of wine and talked about my vacation and it was totally cool, At one point I said "Don't tell (Her husband) that I seen them", She blushed and said "he was the one who noticed it wasn't where he had left it, but don't worry, he will never say anything".
Yeah so a bit weird knowing that he knows that I have seen the pictures and have seen him naked but not much I can do about it now, And...he has nothing to be shy about anyway, His d*** is bigger than I thought it would be and he is a tall, Well built guy so I was kind of expecting he had a large one anyway but its even bigger than I thought.

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  • Did it turn you on to see his big one?

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