I want to join them.

Not long ago i house sat for my friends when they went on holiday.They have a cat so i had to stay there for the 2 weeks they were away.Well anyway one night i was bored of tv so i thought I'd go online.I surfed the net for a while then got bored.I felt a bit nosey so i looked through their pictures on the computer.Most were normal pictures from holidays and parties and so on.But then i opened a folder that said 'fun stuff'.Not expecting much i clicked on the 1st of several sub folder,titled with the date '05-07-10',roughly 2 years before they got married,(great wedding,i was a bridesmaid).Anyway i thought this was gonna be another holiday album.But when the pictures came up.OH MY GOD!Nude photos.Mostly of her.She was in good shape i must say,but I'm hotter.I looked for pictures of him and WOW!BIG D***.He looked so freakin HOT.I looked through them all and felt myself getting moist.Well after that album i opened the next and it got better.It was pictures of them on a bed.All kinds of pictures.Oral s**,hand jobs and different positions.I was so wet and felt a warm tingly feeling down there.I looked through the next folders and they were more s** pictures,just in different rooms or places and some with her wearing lingerie.I scrolled down and clicked on a folder with a more recent date and there were videos.I clicked on a random one and in it they were f***** doggy style on the sofa.I literally grabbed my p**** and squeezed it.They looked so sexy together but he was total F*** GOD!Making her moan as he pumped her hard with that big thing.Next video they were f****** on the floor and taking turns filming each other.When he looked in to the camera and smiled and his faced glistened with sweat i couldn't take anymore.My skirt was up and my panties were off i rubbed the h*** out of my c*** and rammed 2 fingers in and out of me.She moaned and also moaned and i was aware that the leather computer chair i was sitting on was getting wet,all my juiced was under my a***.Just then she moaned loudly and came and he pumped her so hard that the camera shook wildly.He then pulled out and she zoomed on his d*** as he stroked it and shot all over her t***.That was it,i f***** came so hard i lost control of my legs and almost kicked the computer screen.I lay there for a little bit as i calmed down then decided to have a cold shower.When i came out i switched the computer off and cleaned the chair.Then i wondered if they would want a threesome.I thought it would be so much fun and we would all enjoy each other,i would love to do anything they wanted me to.I would even do lesbian stuff.And I'm a clean girl and on the pill so if its cool with her he could c** in me as much as he wanted.
So as i was thinking,should i ask them?They seem very adventurous,maybe they want a threesome,maybe they wanted me to find the pictures,how should i approach them? Advice please.


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  • Go for it!

  • Get her on board and she'll convince him. I know women are more open with each other about s** than guys so next time you're talking ask her if she's ever thought about having a threesome. Then mention that if you were ever going to have a threesome it would be with the two of them.

  • This sounds like good advice.

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