Younger women

I'm a married guy in his 40's and for some reason I am only attracted to women under 25. The younger the better. 18 is the youngest I'll go but something about their tight bodies, inexperience and willingness is such a turn on. I'm not sure if I'm messed up or that is just the way men are built.

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  • I'm 16 and Chubby I'd love an older man to take my Virginity

  • Sell it online

  • Not all 18 - 25 year old women are inexperienced.

    You're basing your judgements on their ages. It's similar to some people assuming and generalising a woman and man of mature age - are sexually experienced and good in bed, because they're older. These stereotypes aren't always accurate. Get rid of this stereotypical notion and find things out about a person, on an individual basis.

    And just because a woman is between the ages of 18 - 25 years old, doesn't mean the majority of them - have fitter, more toned bodies, compared to older women. Yet again, treat each female individually and don't make assumptions/being stereotypical.

    Don't base your judgements and assumptions on stereotypes and/or a few experiences. Be more open minded.

  • Well gee of course not all younger women are inexperienced or have tight bodies, we all know that dont you think!!

    But we all have to make decisions in life based on whats more "probable" whats the biggest percentage in our favor... so yeah we all know there are exceptions but "in larger percentage" more young girls have tighter bodies and more young girls have less experienced in s**, Im sure you can even agree with the assumption.

    So leave the guy alone, he is creating a fantasy based on whats more likely to be, its a good starting point. I also like younger women

  • Idiot

  • I like younger men and women too!

  • Of course most women arent interested in crossdressing he shes like you !

  • Tranny sucker

  • Right with you...I love the 20-25 year olds...Have one now, 24, blonde, so sweet, and fit body.. Reeled her in at the sports bar I go to.. First time I had her, I couldn't believe the tight, fit body she'd been hiding under her work uniform..We've had s** a few times already, and, she's still a real sweetheart. Told her I wanted to take her to the city for a day..And night.

  • If I'm in-between 20 -25 years old would you date me, regardless of my physicality?
    You did state, you like 20 -25 year olds. That implies you like them young and that's it. Does that mean you don't have any other preferences, besides a woman's age?

  • When she becomes older, perhaps less fitter/if that's her preference, do you intend to trade her for a younger/fitter trophy girlfriend?

  • .. And then you woke up. Look, tell the Whole story.

  • Willing? H***, yeah!! Inexperienced? H***, no!!

  • We've all been in a position in our lives, when we've been inexperienced in something and sexual inexperience is one of those things. Everyone starts somewhere.

    But I understand your point. But I think if you meet someone you care about and they're sexually inexperienced compared to yourself, would it matter as much? Perhaps not, if you care about that person. You could teach them.

  • I agree

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