I want my wife to explore other men

I am trying to set my friend and my wife up to have some fun while i watch. No s** just handjobs and blow jobs. I want her to let guys that want to pleasure her pleasure her. I fantasize about some young college jock hitting on her at work and getting her number on night when hes h**** he comes over while i sit on the couch he puts her on the other couch and f**** her brains out. Or chilling with a friend that she has a crush on and watching a movie with s** scenes and i look over and her hand is rubbing his d*** through his shorts until its hard and she takes it out and sucks him dry. Or my buddy gets into it with his wife and is frustrated so he comes by to vent and she wants to cheer him up so she gives him some relief head until he feels better.

Mar 2, 2017

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  • Amasterdaddy at yahoo

  • Can I give her my number and we meet?

  • Always a great feeling watching the wife wrap her lips around a nice hard c***, and giving him head until he shoots his load down her throat.

    My wife has done this quite a few times, almost up to the point where I think she will hopefully let another man f*** her brains out :D

  • A buddy of mine found out I have a big c***. So he asks me one night to f*** his wife. At first I thought it was a joke, so I told him no. The next night he asked me again. I told him that I wouldn't do that to him. He told me that it had always been his fantasy and it would mean the world to him if I would do it. I still told him no and we dropped the subject. About a month later he told me his wife's birthday was coming up and he wanted to know if I would help him with her gift. Not even hesitating, I said sure. Then he asked me again if I would f*** her. A little confused I said I thought that was your fantasy? He said it is, but it's also hers and that's what I want to give her for her birthday. I finally agreed and that night I had the most amazing s** with my buddy's wife as he just sat in the chair and watched. Now me and his wife f*** all the time. Sometimes when he is there and sometimes when he's gone. I don't understand it myself, but hey I'm getting no strings attached s**, so I'm not going to complain.

  • Doesn't it bother you that some other guy is watching you as you f*** his wife? You should be ashamed of yourself when you're f****** her and he's not around. Don't you want a girlfriend of your own?

  • Chill out. Nothing wrong with what this guy is doing!

  • Read my comment again. This was not my idea, it was there's. If I wasn't f****** her, someone else would be. At least I'm clean and they can trust me. I have no interest in steeling his wife, just helping them with they're fantasy.

  • I have a fat 8in c***, I'd love to help you out

  • I would let you. You can message her and show it to her

  • How do I do that?

  • Share her with the right guy and you'll both love it.I shard my wife with a guy we found online. He f***** her as I watched or joined in. Absolutely loved it........

  • Was it fun?

  • She f***** my well hung buddy the other day

  • There is nothing sexier than watching your wife give up her in additions Especially if she meets a well hung black man. You will see her be in so much ecstasy she will o***** like you have never seen before. Then she won't be able to stop. It is very exciting

  • I let my wife go out with a black guy, once he had her hooked on that big c*** he turned her out to his friends. He even told me he tried to get her f***** by as many black men as he could.

  • We prefer well hung white boys but its not a no lol

  • You and my husband have a lot in common. You should tell her. It took a while for me to deal with it. I'd rather have a husband with that fantasy than want to cheat on me.

  • I've shared my fantasy with my wife for years now. She likes it when I talk about it in the bedroom, but then says no when I ask if she wants to do it. How did you react to it when your husband asked you?

  • We are experimenting. Have you and your hubby? Maybe me and him should trade stories.

  • There is nothing more exciting than watching your wife swallow a load of your best friend's c** down her throat. I know. I've shared that with my wife about a dozen times over 20 years. We're still happily married, and I have the best storehouse of beatoff material a guy could ever have. And my wife settled my ass down. I wouldn't trade her ( and these memories) for the world.

  • What was the best memory

  • My best memory is the nite I made my wife go to a bar with me dressed in kinda slutty clothes. She was wearing cut-off jeans that showed a little too much at all the right places and a braless tank top. We ran into the wife of a couple we knew hanging all over the guy she was with. We were together about 30 minutes. When the other couple left, Suzi said to me, "She is gonna f*** him tonight" which kind of p***** her off since we know her husband, etc.

    Suzi decided to teach her friend a lesson. About 20 minutes later Suzi said we are leaving and made me drive her to our friends house. The husband was there, watching TV while the little kids were in bed. We were trashed and he didn't want much to do with a 2 bar room rowdies, however Suzi's attire definitely caught his attention, and got us invited in the house.

    Our friend tried to behave, acting all sober and married and all the things a married man should do. So since I had a buzz, I pulled out my c***, and Suzi began to suck it. It wasn't till about 90 seconds later the righteous babysitter had his pecker out watching Suzi's ass cheeks as she sucked my c***.

    Shortly he was stroking a d*** much bigger than mine. Suzi reached over to help him and his resistance faded away. A minute later she was sucking on his c***, which was the full intention of her journey. He could only hold back about 2 minutes until I witnessed her swallow every drop of his c**. It was amazing to watch. He really likes me and my wife a lot now.

    Suzi for her part got her twisted revenge, he got a great b******* and I have a great memory to last a lifetime and it keeps me VERY loyal to my wife! I did get my rewards that night myself...and for years to c**!!

  • If you brought your wife over to my house to suck my c***, I would like you both very much as well.

  • Problem with that is she might like it so much that she might leave. Some women might be able to control their feelings, but not all women. Anything new like that is a Pandora's box. I read a post from a lady who had been married for over 20 yrs. and her and her husband don't go outside the marriage or commit adultery at all. They have taken role play outside the house. They go to bars and he picks her up and they go from there. Once she described she gave him a b****** in a public bathroom. Maybe, you need to spice things up with her instead of trying to share her or cause her to commit adultery. She may just end up liking someone else instead of you.

  • No. Its already happened and she enjoyed it as it was meant to be enjoyed as she will in the future.

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