Suspicions finally came true

Very shortly after I met my wife she started introducing me to her friends and family. One guy seemed to come over more often than the rest. I asked my (then gf) what the deal was with this guy. She kept saying he was just a friend. Anytime I was over he acted like a friend would. If I came home and he was here, everything was innocent.

2 weeks ago I thought I had to work a double. Turned out I had looked at the wrong day. So I went to the store and got some food to make for dinner. I didn't tell her I was off for the evening because I wanted to surprise her.

I parked where I always park. I walked into the living room and there on the couch was my wife and her friend. He was sitting on the couch. My wife was in his lap. Both of them were naked. She had her back pressed against his chest. His c*** was b**** deep in her ass and she had a vibrator buzzing her c***.

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  • I have suspected they have been having s** but haven't been able to catch them. It honestly doesn't bother me because now I can go have s** with my gay neighbor and not worry about being caught.

  • Well you could have a great 4sm

  • Well shooting them MFers would land you in Jail. So I'm going to get out my phone and snap a few pictures as they scamper around for their clothes. The next thing I'm going to do is call the cops and say that a guy is raping my wife! Then they can both explain to the cops it was consensual s** and my Lawyer will enjoy taking the Case to Divorce Court. Of course the pictures I took will be posted all over the Web.

  • Dude, that would be the best way to handle that ever!

  • If that happened to me I would have sucked him.

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