I don't even know

So I'm a 19 year old guy, and I found a girl on Instagram who claimed to be 20 and me and her hooked up and I basically got her pregnant. Come to find out that she confesses to me that she is only 14, will i go to jail for this?

Mar 3, 2017

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  • Yes

  • Evidence or not his ass is going to prison. The courts don't give a crap if she told him she was over 18.

  • I have evidence of her saying how old she was, and that stuff.

  • I believe that the new "romeo and juliet" laws would protect you. Better check your states law on this however becuse as far as i know 14 is below the age of consent in most states. Like other poster said better keep any evidence you thought she was of age.

  • Not in most States.

  • You better have kept the evidence that she lied, and she'd better look old, otherwise, if she tells, and they press charges, you could be in serious trouble.

  • If you live in the USA, more than likely you will go to prison.

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