If by chance you`ll buy flowers for all the ladies at work, I would like mine a pale pink.
It`s almost a year since I decided it`s for the best to let go.
I'm still thinking of you sometimes.

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  • Move along lady, obviously you can't work there any longer.

  • I wouldn't expect a former boss to buy me flowers ever. once gone its good that the suffering is over with them and you realise that they were not that great and it was a fantasy in your head rather then the truth. see what is not the potential just because they are half way nice looking when they act like jerks. be real . but really, what right should you have flowers now if you left? that is expecting a lot and presumptuous. what would make you think a former boss after a year or more should give a dam about you, find a new employer who will give you what you need forget the best. that is all over and done with now just move on. people are left behind you for a reason, look to the future not the past or you miss the best stuff that is around the corner.

  • Sounds like its for your funeral or something, you sound very bitter towards everyone! I think you should let go and just move on and maybe try some of the mushrooms in your undies and head and forget the flowers your too old for that childishness, Mr Bean might send you some.

  • Go and buy yourself some lovely flowers and tip if you want a guy to buy you flowers go buy him them as a secret admirer, most flowers smell like stink now, like roses are BO stinky here a hint Rex and Ona won't let you down a dry gully like they did to me

    roses are Rude, violets a boo, sugar is narcotic and so are you!

    yeh I know what you mean its like when those losers sing that foreigner song that goes something about "if you leave me now you take away the biggest part of me" yeh, its like you want the loser to leave from because he didn't carey enough when you needed medical assistance and he just uses you as a recpetionist and wants to play sting songs like "every breath you take" but no I don't feel like I belong to him and we never came far so its so easy to leave him all behind as he did to me.

  • Some beans

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